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Krispy Kreme is an American global doughnut and coffeehouse shop chain founded in 1937 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, serving in over 1000 locations worldwide. In addition to the coffeehouse shops, they sell their doughnuts in gas stations/convenience stores and in grocery retail stores such as Target. The main draw of the product is customers witnessing the doughnuts being made directly in their shops and can be given to them warm right out of the oven in the case of their glazed doughnuts or warmed in the microwave in the case of store bought boxes.

The 2017 Power Rangers movie heavily plugs product placement of Krispy Kreme, to the point that the Zeo Crystal is buried under the Angel Grove location of the popular doughnut shop and Rita Repulsa is seen indulging by eating a doughnut in the location. The official Twitter page of Krispy Kreme even meta-references the film's events by saying the Angel Grove location is closed until further notice.[1]

Power Donuts

Power Rangers Doughnuts.

As part of a tie-in promo with the 2017 Power Rangers movie, Krispy Kreme created Power Rangers themed doughnuts, which were basically their Kreme filled chocolate glazed doughnuts with various colored frosting marks on top in the shape of the Power Rangers lightning bolt with "Silver Glitter" decorative sugar on top. These donuts would be sold in their shops until April 2, 2017.[2]

Krispy Rangers
Boxes of specially marked Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts were sold in grocery stores for a sweepstakes event that utilized QR codes on the back of the box. Grand prize winners would receive a trip for two to San Fransisco, $500 spending cash and a gift card for a year's worth of Krispy Kremes. Runners up would receive prizes ranging from free doughnuts, cash, movie tickets up to $200 in value or Power Rangers merchandise.[3][4]

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