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Kozue ( Kozue) is a shrine maiden who was befriended by Canalo.

Character History

Kozue wanted to give the wishing stone a rest after people come to make a wish at it everyday. When Bamba cut the stone in half, she was shocked and saddened, showing how much she care for the stone.

After Kozue saw Bamba (and Asuna) protect the stone from Wizeru, she bowed at him as a thanks. When Canalo invited her for a meal, Kozue then asked if she can bring her husband with, revealing that she's already married and greatly shocked Canalo.

Behind the Scenes

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  • Kozue is portrayed by Yuria Eda (江田友莉亜 Eda Yuria).


  • Kozue, 梢 means "Treetop".
  • Kozue show her wedding ring as a sign of marriage, this make Canalo check the ring first which is happen in the following episode.


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