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Kousuke Shimada (島田 浩介 Shimada Kōsuke, 32): A last-in-everything that was accepted in the Adventurer School after being mistaken for Satoru. In class, he was always target of Shirubegami's "Chalk Attack" as he was always messing up. After Shirubegami's plans are revealed, the unapproved alumni were thrown to the sea along with the Accelulars of Natsuki and Souta and just when the others were about to be sacrificed, Shimada appears with the recovered Accellulars and gives the Boukengers the chance to destroy the Tsukumogami and rescue the alumni. Touched by the adventurer spirit that Shimada showed when recovering the Accellulars, the Boukengers learn that adventure is not something to learn in a school. Portrayed by Makoto Sakamoto (坂本 真 Sakamoto Makoto).

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