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Kourogin (コオロギン Kōrogin) (28) is the cricket-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Kourogin is utilized by First Captain Chevalier during his initial invasion of Earth in a means to "charm" Earth's population into submission, creating a band with Ginga Sentai Gingaman and with Kourogin supplying accompaniment to win over people's hearts with his song. It nearly succeeds due to anyone facing them, including Kazumi and Remi, instantly becoming helplessly in love with Chevalier due to Kourogin's music and his singing, but the three male Fiveman decide to attack in order to try and prevent this from working. Using Chevalier's musical instruction, Korougin quickly grows giant in order to further the influence of the music; but is forced to face both the males in StarFive and Arthur in FiveRobo in order to stop it. After a jolting attack awakens the Fiveman females from Chevalier's scheme, Gaku gets the idea of countering music with music, using a song to counteract Kourogin and Chevalier's song and ultimately stop their methods. Though Kourogin was weakened, the damaged states of FiveRobo and StarFive made them harder to merge together into Super FiveRobo; so instead they use another strategy of having FiveRobo ride on top of Star Carrier, leading to a leaping attack from the Super-Dimensional Sword to defeat the musical Galactic Warrior.


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  • His main ability is the usage of music as an attack means, usually as an accompaniment towards others singing to be able to either charm or harm anyone that attacks; it can also use its bow as a weapon.

Behind the Scenes


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