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Koumorugin (コウモルギン Kōmorugin) (14) is the bat-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Koumorugin is brought forth alongside Doldora to find Fiveman's base, particularly after a girl starts claiming that she knew Fiveman and that she had been there. Fumiya discovers Koumorugin attacking her and saves her, taking the girl to Magma Base for her protection until she runs off using Land Gamma. During a second attack, Doldora sets up a radar sensor on the girl's sneaker, using the Galactic Warrior's radar senses to keep track of her position until he is discovered and destroyed. FiveBlack and FiveBlue use a combo attack to strike back at Koumorugin before Fiveman use Earth Cannon to attack him. When he is on the verge of death, Doldora tries to summon Gorlin #12 to assist, but her insistance of it hurrying leads to the Enlarging Beast to trip on a rock; without the Gorlin to enlarge it, Koumorugin explodes, destroying any potential usage beyond his death.


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  • He has multiple abilities similar to that of a bat such as flight, hyper sensitive ears and a peculiar radar ability that can track down objects with the assistance of a tracer

Behind the Scenes


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