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Kotaro Henna (辺名小太郎 Henna Kotaro) is a strange mad scientist who becomes a nuisance to the Machine Empire Baranoia during the later stages of the Ohranger's battle.

Character History

A strange scientist who hangs around and bothers those around him, he constantly finds himself encountering and dealing with issues of Baranoia whenever they attack the Earth. His first appearance finds him being recruited to deal with the invasion of Bara Hungry into the household of the Shida family, but failing to figure out anything that would assist them.Ep. 25: The Festival One-Shot Contest After initially encountering Butlers Acha & Kocha of Baranoia, he becomes obsessed in trying to dissect them, to the point that they use him in a scheme involving Bara Tarantula to make him run their cram school under the condition that it will lead to him being able to research them.Ep. 29: Dance! The Invasion Cram School!!

Despite not having any knowledge regarding how Baranoia and their Machine Beasts work, his ability to improvise with technology is likewise dangerous. When he discovers the destroyed remains of Bara Gūsuka after the Ohranger initially defeat her, he unknowingly upgrades her into a more powerful Machine Beast with a greater effect that Acha uses to Baranoia's advantage.Ep. 30: The Earth is Snoring


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Behind the Scenes

  • Professor Henna possesses the nickname of "Henna-Otoko", which is exactly the Japanese expression "Hen na Otoko", or "A Strange Man".

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