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Kota is a boy encountered by Burai who was destined to die just as he was.

Character History

Burai gains his first awareness of Kota in a strange dream he has about his upcoming death, as a boy that the rickshaw owner claims will be a "later pickup" after taking DragonRanger to the great beyond.

After becoming aware of his possible death and with his Lapseless Room destroyed by Bandora preventing him from saving any time he has left of his lifeforce, Burai tracks Kota down, who is revealed to be a bratty boy who doesn't understand why the Yamato knight is interested in him. When the boy asks him to prove himself and bring out Dragon Caesar, Burai complies by letting him ride it and even do tricks including striking a pose. However when Dora Fake returns impersonating Dragon Caesar, Burai ends up forced to fight it even with Kota still around. In the midst of the battle with the Dora Monster, the destruction from collatoral damage collapses on top of the boy, crushing him and bringing him to the brink of his life.

Kota is taken to the hospital where his mother prevents the Zyuranger from trying to see him for causing this to him, but Burai breaks his way through regardless. Giving Kota his Dragon Medal, he tells him to use it as a means to get well while Burai heads off to the final battle with Dora Fake. When Burai finally does die due to the remaining lifeforce finally running out, he advises his brother to take the special Water of Life that teammates Goushi and Dan were trying to receive for him and instead give it to Kota, which they ultimately do allowing the boy to live in the midst of DragonRanger's sacrifice. When Burai ultimately takes his actual rickshaw ride to the land of the dead, he is satisfied when he no longer sees the spirit of Kota there, making him happy to head off to his own death having saved the life of a boy in the process.


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Behind the Scenes

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