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Konchū is a Space Patrol Delta cadet and member of C-Squad stationed on Earth. An insectoid alien, Konchu is not strictly an individual but rather a living colony of insects.

Character History

As with their fellow cadets, while Konchū's academic scores were off the charts, they lacked in fighting aptitude. As such, Konchū and their teammates were easily defeated when pitted against their B-Squad seniors in combat strategy drills. Soon after, the two Squads were forced to fall back under their commander Anubis Cruger when SPD was subjected to an attack by Lord Drakkon and his Ranger Sentries, whom had teleported from another reality. Revealing their status as a colony, which they compared to the B-Squad Rangers' own special abilities, Konchū provided a vital contribution when they utilized their swarm to pick the lock to manually open a blast door which allowed R.I.C. 3.Ω to enter the fray and turn the tide against Drakkon's army, forcing them to retreat. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual

Behind the scenes


Konchu is the Japanese word for Insect (昆虫).

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