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""My lord. I am here. ""
―Komuhachi's first words upon being summoned by Budoh for the first time.[src]

Komuhachi (虚無八 Komuhachi) is a Majin of the Space Pirates Barban first minion under Sword General Budoh

Character History

An octopus-like Komusō Majin who is master of the Majin art Phantom Dance. After being unable to represent his master when Sambash was picked instead of him, Komuhachi is sent by Budoh to keep an eye on Sambash, during Sambash's final mission. After his master is selected to carry out Barban's mission, Komhachi use his shakuhachi to infect the trees with mold to force the Lights of Ginga out of them, putting Moak in danger. As Komuhachi was beyond what the Gingamen had faced before, Komuhachi is able to counter the Kiba Imperial Wrath attack. Thus, Moak risks his life to create the Juugekibou weapons, when Moak used his power to infuse their power within five nuts, leading to their creation, enabling the Gingamen to defeat Komuhachi. He is killed by Gingaioh and again by Ginga Red in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman vs. Megaranger.


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Modus and Arsenal

His main ability is the ability to use his flute to distribute mold spores that destroy vegetation, including trees; he is also skilled as the short sword and his special technique is the Majin art of the Phantom Dance.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Komuhachi's name is a pun on " Komusō" and on "Shakuhachi".
  • His motifs are an octopus, a Komusō and an Octopus trap


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