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Koganegin (コガネギン Koganegin) (26) is the beetle-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Although Koganegin is brought to Earth to fight Fiveman, it happened to arrive upon Zone's "Upside-Down Day", where the command of the Galactic Empire is completely inversed; thus the Galactic Warrior ends up serving the Batzlers while commanding the Zone Commanders, with Captain Garoa becoming his servant due to being the lowest ranked for the day. Although Garoa is forced to work with him, the actual Zone commander decides to use his abilities to try and turn Fiveman into gold with his golddust ability, sneaking it into a meal before an accident ends up turning a dog into gold instead. After this failure, Koganegin forces Garoa to take him to "Gold Park" within Kyushu to allow for him to get more gold to eat to satiate his appetite. After eventually becoming tired of "Upside-Down Day", Garoa decides to summon Gorlin #22 to absorb the Galactic Warrior while he lazily eats gold, forcing him to fight within the absorbing machine. Fiveman ultimately summons Star Five, defeating him with the Star Gun.


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  • Koganegin's main ability is the control and manipulation of gold: he can emit a special dust that can turn anything that touches it into gold; while he has the ability to eat gold as his food.

Behind the Scenes


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