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"Stegosaurus, Power Ranger Blue!"
―roll call[src]

"Koda, Power Ranger Blue!"
―alternate roll call[src]

"You have no match for the caveman's strength!"
―Koda's catchphrase during battle[src]

"It's, morphin time!"
―Koda's unique spin on the morph[src]

Koda is a Neanderthal caveman who became the Dino Charge Blue Ranger, the second member of the Dino Charge Rangers. He is also referred to as Blue Ranger and, in roll calls, as Stegosaurus Power Ranger Blue.

After being frozen in time upon bonding with the Blue Energem during the Pleistocene Era, he outlived everyone from his time due to the fact that bonding with the Energem essentially granted him biological immortality.

Character History

Dino Charge

One hundred thousand years ago, Koda lived in jungle caves with his fellow Neanderthals, such as his younger brother Taku. According to him, his mother gave birth to him while on a mammoth hunt, as she could not make it back to their cave in time. Sometime during his younger years, his grandfather encountered and imprisoned a monster named Leisure to make sure she will never turn anyone into lazy summer party loving slackers and soon tells the younger Koda and the rest of their people not to go near Leisure’s prisoned cave from ended up releasing her ever.Catching Some Rays The first to find an Energem, Koda achieved resistance to aging, enabling him to still live in the present time, outliving his family. Today, his caveman ways make him a fish-out-of-water ever since after he sacrificed himself saving his younger brother from a saber-tooth tiger, causing him to fall into an ice-filled ocean, freezing him for 100,000 years.

He was later discovered by Kendall Morgan and Chase Randall in an ice glacier When Evil Stirs, defrosting him using the Dino Blaze Charger, seeing him alive as the Energem preserved him all of those years. He currently works for the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum as one of Kendall's assistants.

Once Sledge and his crew were finally defeated, Koda was allowed to return to his own time period, using the power of all 10 Energems, saying farewell to his fellow Rangers.End of Extinction

Super Ninja Steel

Sometime before Super Ninja Steel, Koda met Wesley Collins and Gemma, Rangers from different dimensions. Trusted with a Transportal device, he first made contact with the Ninja Steel Rangers by informing them of the Blaze Zord Stars. Outfoxed

When Rangers were being kidnapped by Lord Draven, Koda, along with Wes, Gemma, and the Ninja Steel Rangers, freed them from captivity and joined the fight to defeat Lord Draven's Robo Ranger army. Dimensions in Danger

PRSNS - Koda and Preston

Koda morphing into action alongside Preston Tien.

When Preston Tien accidentally teleported to the Dino Charge World and informed Koda that Sledge was still alive, Koda agreed to help him save the other Ninja Steel Rangers and defeat Sledge once and for all. Crisis averted, he gifted the Ninja Steel Rangers with caveman clubs, and they then headed back to Koda's home timeline to celebrate Christmas with his family. The Poisy Show

Beast Morphers

"But we destroyed you! Twice!"
―Koda reaction seeing Sledge again.[src]
Koda, alongside some other members of his team, traveled to the main dimension in order to find Keeper, there they fought some foot soldiers and met the Beast Morphers Rangers. After Keeper got kidnaped by Evox's Army, the Dino Charge Rangers went to Grid Battleforce and explained the situation to the current team, both teams agreed to work together and rescue Keep

The Dino Charge Rangers alongside the Beast Morphers Rangers.

er. They soon accepted a bargain with Evox and went to an abandoned warehouse to trade Ryjack's collection for Keeper, but when Snide didn't follow up on the agreement both teams morphed and got ready to fight.

When the Beast Morphers Rangers left to fight a Gigadrone, Tyler called Shelby and Riley to fight Snide. Just when the team defeated Snide, the newly revived Sledge and his crew appeared. Koda fought against Snide, but was defeated, and almost destroyed alongside his teamates if it weren't for the Beast Morphers Rangers appearing at the last second, blasting Sledge's crew and managing to get away after rescuing Keeper. After making sure Keeper was safe and thank the current team, the Dino Charge Rangers departed to their home universe until the next time they meet. Finders Keepers


Koda punching Goldar Maximus.

Days after their previous adventure, Goldar Maximus and Snide were attacking the Dino Charge Rangers in their dimension and were after their Energems. Four of the Beast Morphers Rangers arrived but the villains still managed to steal four of the Energems, including the Blue Energem, and defeat both teams of Rangers. While both teams were hiding and discussing the villains' plans of making an evil Zord, Jason and Devon arrived, gave the team Morphers and Morph-X powered Dino Chargers and decided to split themselves into two teams. Koda and his team followed Jason on a frontal assault while the Beast Morphers team attacked from behind. When Goldar Maximus and the rest of Evox's army arrived, Jason summoned his old Mighty Morphin' teammates and the Dino Rangers to defeat the army in a big fight.
Kyoryu Super Sentai

Koda with the Legendary Dino Rangers.

During the battle, Koda defeated some foot soilders alongside Chase and Zack. When Evox summoned his massive Chimerazord, Koda summoned his Stego Zord, and his team joined in forming the Dino Charge Megazord and aiding in its defeat. With Evox on the run again, the teams departed and said goodbye to the Dino Charge Rangers.Grid Connection


Being a Neanderthal frozen in time, Koda is significantly behind his teammates in terms of etiquette; he eats with his fingers, doesn't like to wear shoes (though he'll usually wear sandals when he's outside of the base), and sees no benefit in combing his hair. He isn't the smartest Ranger, but he's got a heart of gold, is fiercely loyal, and is as strong as an ox. He generally views his fellow Rangers as his new family. His survival instincts are sharper than any other Ranger. [1] At first, he was afraid of a lot of modern technology that he was unfamiliar with, including the Dino Cycles. He later overcame some of this fear and began learning to ride a tricycle as well as overcame his trauma from being iced again.


  • Taku - Younger Brother

Video game appearances

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Legacy Wars Blue Dino Charge Ranger

Stegosaurus Power Ranger Blue as seen in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

The Dino Charge Blue Ranger is among the Rangers who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

Dino Charge Blue Ranger


Dino Charge Blue Ranger

"Stego Charger Engage!"
―Transformation announcement via Dino Charge Morpher[src]
"Stegosaurus, Power Ranger Blue"
―Transformation Roll Call[src]



Appearances: DC Episodes 2-22, DSC Episodes 1-22, SNS Episodes 10, 22, BM S2 Episodes 12, 13


Dino Charge Blue Ranger in Dino Steel



Appearances: DC Episodes 3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13-15, 18, 19, 22, DSC Episodes 1, 4, 5, 12, 15-17, 20, BM S2 Episode 13


Dino Charge Blue Ranger in Dino Drive



Appearances: DC Episodes 10, 12, 14, 16-20, 22, DSC Episodes 1-11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22


Dino Charge Blue Ranger in Dino Super Drive

"Dino Super Drive Charger, Engage!"
―Transformation announcement via Dino Super Drive Saber[src]



Appearances: DSC Episodes 2-11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, BM S2 Episode 13



Behind the Scenes

  • Koda is the first neanderthal to morph into a Power Ranger.
  • As a caveman from 100,000 years ago, Koda is the oldest Ranger in the entire franchise, beating out Merrick Baliton from Power Rangers Wild Force.
  • His favorite food is the Bronto Burger served at the Dino Bite Cafe.
    • Ironically, Koda's character of being a caveman who likes burgers appears to be based on Fred Flintsone, one of the main characters from Cartoon Network's caveman-themed cartoon series, The Flintstones.
    • In one episode, Koda also appears to enjoy worms as a snack.
  • Out of all the male Rangers in the Neo Saban Era, Koda has the longest hair.
    • Orion has hair similar to Koda in his debut episode Silver Lining but it later gets trimmed down.
  • Like some other Rangers in the Dino Charge team, Koda has his own spin on the morph. He pauses after the first word. "It's... morphin' time!"
  • He is the first Blue Ranger on a dinosaur-themed team not to have a triceratops motif.
  • Koda is the second Power Ranger to wear open-toed shoes. The first one was Cole Evans until he changed clothes in episode 2 of Power Rangers Wild Force.
  • Koda is the first Ranger who is in the process of learning English and does not have it as his first language. As such, he usually speaks English in a very simplistic diction, similar to Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.
  • Though not mentioned, it is entirely possible that Koda is a member of early Paleo American peoples that crossed the Bering Strait from Asia several thousand years ago. His name Koda is derived from the language of Lakota natives. It has several meanings such as ally, little bear or friend.
  • Yoshi Sudarso clarified in an interview with Asians on Film that Koda was indeed frozen by the Energem for 100,000 years.[2] It was later confirmed in the episode Breaking Black.
  • He is a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.
  • With his appearances in all Dino Charge episodes and three appearances in Super Ninja Steel, Koda has the most appearances of any Dino Charge Ranger.



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