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The Knights of Rafkon was a group of ancient warriors formed by the inhabitants of the planet Rafkon that fought on the Great Sporix Wars.


65 million years ago, the Knights of Rafkon was established to serve as the main military force of the planet Rafkon. One day they discovered that a great evil was nearing them, and began creating the Sporix Beasts to fight alongside them. However under the order of Zayto, the leader of the Knights, he authorized the unleashing of the Sporix, which resulted in them revolting and instigated the Great Sporix Wars. The Knights bravely defended their home but it was ultimately lost and left ruined.

With who was left, the survivors followed the Sporix to Earth and continued their battle alongside the dinosaurs. Losing ground, the Knights were granted power from the Morphin Masters and became the first Dino Fury Power Rangers. With their new powers, they were able to defeat the Sporix. However, only Aiyon and Zayto had survived, with Aiyon's pod being submerged underwater and Zayto locking both himself and the Sporix underground to prevent another Sporix disaster.

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