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The Knasty Knight was a black knight themed monster created by Rita Repulsa using an evil spell.

Character History

Knasty Knight in Finster's Book

Knasty Knight in Finster's book

He was first used on Tarmac 3 where he made "space dust" out of its finest warrior. The Knight is notable for not being one of Finster's creations, and for giving the Power Rangers a stiff challenge. Squatt & Baboo forged a sword for the Knight to use against the Power Rangers. His special power was the ability to reflect the Rangers' energy attacks back at them, usually destroying the Rangers' weapons in the process. The Dino Megazord defeated the Knasty Knight by using his own strategy against him, reflecting his energy beam off the Megazord's Power Sword. Happy Birthday, Zack

The Knight was on page twelve of Finster's spellbook, and after forging his sword, Rita summoned him with the following incantation:

"Moon of ivory, stars of old, candlelight that’s spun of gold,"

"Sky of fire, wind of fright, bring to me a Knasty Knight!"

10,000 years ago, the Knasty Knight took the Sword of Darkness away from Zordon's soldiers during a battle. The Sword was presented to Rita Repulsa as a prize. Green With Evil

Powers and Abilities


  • Wields a sword and shield


  • Can reflect most attacks causing weapons to be burned.


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