Icon-zeo.pngThis article is about a/an duo of villains in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

"Around, and around, and away we go!"
―Klank's command for Orbus to enlarge a monster[src]

Power Rangers Zeo - Make My Monster Grow

Klank was one of the top two robots that served the Royal House of Gadgetry. Klank was a humanoid robot, while Orbus was more of a cute-looking module. They served as the monster enlargers of the Zeo arc, and were often kicked around by their masters. When King Mondo wanted to have his machine/monsters grown to Megazord size, Klank was given an upgrade to allow him flexibility to swing Orbus around until he built enough momentum to toss him at the monster in need of enlarging and Orbus would use a ray and his fuel funeral system to revive and or enlarge said monsters. Klank had a rather thick Scottish burr for a mechanical background (for unexplored reasons).

He was also quite pompous and thinks highly of himself. He served his masters with fierce loyalty, but never inserted himself physically into battle. More often than not, Klank would come up with a plan to defeat the rangers or take over Earth, only for Sprocket to immediately take credit for it. Whenever he tried to insist that the plan was his idea, his master would immediately silence him. Once the plan failed, however, Sprocket and Mondo would then quickly blame Klank for coming up with it. 

While Klank and Orbus appeared in Countdown to Destruction, the duo were not seen being destroyed, like their rulers, Mondo and Machina, when Zordon's Energy Wave hit. However their lack of appearance in Forever Red (as well as Prince Sprocket) with the Machine Empire remnants suggests the two were destroyed off-screen.


  • During various encounters with the Zeo Rangers, Klank seemed to show a lot of care for certain monsters that King Mondo and Queen Machina sent to Earth. A good example is Somnibot (whom Klank and Orbus themselves assembled), who was sent to put the Rangers to sleep after teams of Cogs were wearing them down for two weeks. This is in complete contrast with Acha, who called Somnibot's parallel counterpart "the worthless robot" and only valued him (monster was male in Ohranger) when he excelled at his destruction.
  • Klank is voiced by Oliver Page, who went on to play the role of a minor character in the blockbuster film Titanic.
  • Klank's US costume looked of noticeably different (and poorer) quality to his Japanese counterpart, apparently being made of foam. 
    • While Orbus was frequently seen floating in Ohranger footage, he never did so in US shots and was almost always carried or fixed to Klank's shoulder. Also, while Kocha could move his head and open his mouth in Ohranger, the prop used in Power Rangers appeared to be one solid piece that was incapable of any kind of movement at all, similar to Somnibot's mouth. 
    • Also Orbus's string in the U.S.A. scenes is a thin black string rather than a wide white string like its Sentai counterpart.
  • During most of the series they both had several discussions with Prince Sprocket, but after the arrival of Prince Gasket and the subsequent return of King Mondo, they stopped arguing with Sprocket, and now he seemed to compliment him when he took credit for his ideas. and pretended that they were with Sprocket instead of claiming the credit, this was possibly because they both betrayed Sprocket and Machina in favor of Louie Kaboom when he usurped the throne, so after Machina and Sprocket returned to power with protection of Gasket and then the return of Mondo, Klank and Orbus became more submissive and helpful to Sprocket to avoid being executed for betraying him.

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