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For the villain from Power Rangers Ninja Storm, see Lothor.
"It's Morphin Time! Omega Water Power!"
―Kiya’s morph call[src]

Kiya is an alien adventurer who helps the Omega Rangers and ultimately becomes the Omega Blue Ranger. She eventually goes insane and believes all Power Rangers to be the enemy.

Character History

Kiya lived with her family prior to the main story. Her little brother, Sello, once asked Kiya where the Sun was. She explained to Sello that the sun was sleeping, Sello then he proceeded to try & wake it up by yelling at it, which Kiya considered "the cutest thing she's ever seen".

Kiya was sleeping on the night she got her powers. When she woke up, Kiya claimed that she had tasted copper, & then a thousand spider-webs of electricity flew out of her. As these powers escalated, everything was reduced to ash--including Kiya's family. As for Kiya, she received a scar on her right arm, which she considers a blessing & a reminder.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 42

Kiya met Jason, Zack and Trini sometime after the events of Shattered Grid, ultimately becoming the Blue Ranger soon after.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 41.

She was confronted by Trini where they first bonded and accepted into the team. Trini destroyed her Morpher and the Rangers imprisoned her, ensuring that she will never be a threat again.

Family Members


Kiya starts out as a helpful and caring friend to her Omega Ranger teammates, especially to Trini, but the physical and mental scars of the events of The Shattering she hid led to her path of betrayal. Upon aiding the Mighty Morphin Team against Lord Zedd and Dayne, she saw Tommy Oliver and it triggered a post-traumatic reaction, believing the White Ranger to be the second coming of Lord Drakkon. This caused her mind to break as she violently lunged at him and threatened to kill Tommy when her teammates restrained her.

She then became paranoid, believing that the Power Rangers were orchestrating a plot to destroy the universe again as they protected "Drakkon", despite the Blue Emissary telling her Lord Drakkon was an anomaly, and Tommy was given the White Light. Her paranoia finally evolved into a full-blown delusion. She now believes that all Rangers in the universe must die and those that are Empowered are the Morphin Grid's true chosen champions to stop the return of Drakkon and bring "peace" to the universe.

Omega Blue Ranger

Blue Omega Ranger.png



  • Blue Omega Zord


  • Kiya is shown to be the physically strongest member of the Omega Rangers.
  • Her first name is the same as Lothor’s birth name.


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