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Ryusoul Gattai SpinoThunder (竜装合体スピノサンダー Ryūsō Gattai SupinoSandā) is the combined form of Kishiryu DimeVolcano and Kishiryu MosaRex in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.[1][2] It is based on a Spinosaurus.


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Kishiryu DimeVolcano

Main article: Kishiryu DimeVolcano

A giant Kishiryu based on a Dimetrodon, DimeVolcano grants the abilities of the MeraMera Armor, which allows the user to use flame-based attacks. In combat, it wields the Knight Fan (ナイトファン Naito Fan) flame-style sail on its back, the Knight MeraMera Sword (ナイトメラメラソード Naito MeraMera Sōdo) flame-style tail blade, and can breathe fire from its mouth. It provides the back, legs, and connection point for the arms for SpinoThunder.

Much like Kishiryu Tyramigo, DimeVolcano is capable of human speech, as well as speak for itself with repetitions of "Dime!", but has a higher intellect, and speaks in full sentences on a regular basis. Due to it's high power, the Ryusoul Tribe sealed away for the power alone, and it will go on a raging rampage if it's quiz is answered incorrectly. Despite this, it was frightened of people fearing it, and its only friend was Haruto Watanabe, a boy recovering from an eye operation, who wasn't afraid of him after seeing him for the first time. Like all sentient beings, DimeVolcano is susceptable to romance.

Appearances: Ryusoulger Episodes 11-13 

Kishiryu MosaRex

Main article: Kishiryu MosaRex

Kishiryu MosaRex (騎士竜モサレックス Kishiryu MosaRekkusu) is a partner of Ryusoul Gold in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.[1][2] It is based on a Mosasaurus. Provides the head, arms, body, and tail of SpinoThunder. Combining into SpinoThunder also causes the bridge of MosaRex's nose to raise and form a crest.

Appearances: Ryusoulger Episodes TBA


The AmmoKnuckles (アッモナックルズ AmmoNakkuruzu) are a pair of auxiliary Kishiryu. They are modeled after Ammonites. Form the hands of KishiRyuNeptune and part of the feet of SpinoThunder.

Additional Formations

Ryusoul Gattai Gigant KishiRyuOh

Ryusoul Gattai Gigant KishiRyuOh (竜装合体ギガントキシリュウオー Ryūsō Gattai Giganto Kishiryūō) is the combination of Kishiryu Tyramigo, DimeVolcano, MosaRex, and AmmoKnuckles.

Appearances: Ryusoulger Episodes TBA


BiriBiri KyoRyuSoul

The BiriBiri KyoRyuSoul (ビリビリキョウリュソウル Biribiri KyōRyūSōru, lit. Shocking KyoRyuSoul) is the personal RyuSoul for SpinoThunder. It enables Ryusoul Gold to access its power-up. 


  • SpinoThunder's name is a mix of Spinosaurus and "Thunder".
  • SpinoThunder is similar to Samurai Gattai DaiTenku, as they're both mechas in the form of a different animal rather than the usual humanoid form. 
  • It may be the first (& so far only) Kishiryu to be made up of other Kishiryu.
    • Other known non-robo combinations are made of KishiKyoRyu.



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