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"This is... a new Kishiryu. SpinoThunder!"
―Ryusoul Gold learning of MosaRex and DimeVolcano's combining abilities.[src]

Kishiryu SpinoThunder (騎士竜スピノサンダー Kishiryu SupinoSandā) is the combined form of Kishiryu DimeVolcano and Kishiryu MosaRex in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. It is based on a Spinosaurus.


SpinoThunder is a giant Kishiryu formed from Kishiryu DimeVolcano and Kishiryu MosaRex, and built on the basis of a Spinosaurus. SpinoThunder is armed with the MosaRex Head (モサレックスヘッド Mosarekkusu Heddo), the KnighTrident (ナイトライデント Naitoraidento) tail blade, the Knight Fan (ナイトファン Naito Fan) flame-style sail on its back, the Knight MeraMera Sword (ナイトメラメラソード Naito MeraMera Sōdo) flame-style blade attached to the Knight Fan, and its massive jaws. SpinoThunder also has the ability to launch lightning from its mouth or the Knight Fan.

Possessing both the intelligence of DimeVolcano and MosaRex, SpinoThunder can communicate with humans, as well as speak for itself with repetitions of "Spino!"

Appearances: Ryusoulger Episodes 17, 35


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Kishiryu DimeVolcano

Main article: Kishiryu DimeVolcano
―Ryusoul Red summoning DimeVolcano.[src]

Kishiryu DimeVolcano (騎士竜ディメボルケーノ Kishiryū Dimeborukēno) is an auxiliary Kishiryu in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. DimeVolcano is based on a Dimetrodon, and can grant the abilities of the MeraMera Armor, which allows the user to use flame-based attacks. In combat, it wields the Knight Fan on its back, the Knight MeraMera Sword, and can breathe fire from its mouth. It provides the back, legs, and connection point for the arms of SpinoThunder. The tail and shoulder armor form the chest armor, helmet and visor, and shoulder cannons of Gigant KishiRyuOh.

Appearances: Ryusoulger Episodes 11-13, 17-19

Kishiryu MosaRex

Main article: Kishiryu MosaRex
―Ryusoul Gold summoning MosaRex.[src]

Kishiryu MosaRex (騎士竜モサレックス Kishiryu MosaRekkusu) is Ryusoul Gold's partner in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. It is based on a Mosasaurus. In its default form, MosaRex is armed with the MosaRex Head, the KnighTrident, twin four-shot missile launchers (one on its left and right side underneath each fin), and its own massive jaws. It forms the head, arms, body, and tail, while also serving as the connection point for the legs of SpinoThunder. Combining into SpinoThunder also causes the bridge of MosaRex's nose to raise and form a crest. The head, lower section of the tail below the KnighTrident, and launchers form the right-hand gauntlet, the Knight Boarder, and knee armor for Gigant KishiRyuOh, and King KishiRyuOh.

Appearances: Ryusoulger Episodes 14-19


The AmmoKnuckles (アッモナックルズ AmmoNakkuruzu) are a pair of auxiliary Kishiryu. They are modeled after Ammonites. They form part of the feet of SpinoThunder.

Appearances: Ryusoulger Episodes 16-18

Additional Formations

Ryusoul Gattai Gigant KishiRyuOh

"Gigant KishiRyuOh!"
―Announcement after completing transformation.[src]

Ryusoul Gattai Gigant KishiRyuOh (竜装合体ギガントキシリュウオー Ryūsō Gattai Giganto Kishiryūō) is the combination of Kishiryu Tyramigo, DimeVolcano, and MosaRex. It consists of Kishiryu Tyramigo's central mecha formation, the Tyramigo Head (ティラミーゴヘッド Tiramīgo Heddo) is attached to the left arm with both drills and one of its turrets, its RyuSoul is placed as its head, DimeVolcano's main body splits to form the dual Volcano Cannon mounted on the shoulders, the Knight MeraMera Sword splits open and forms body armor with the flame on DimeVolcano's right shoulder attached to the top to form the helmet and visor of Gigant KishiRyuOh, and MosaRex's tail (minus the KnighTrident) splits to form the Knight Boarder (ナイトボーダー Naito Bōdā) pads for the feet, its missile launchers are placed on KishiRyuOh's knee connectors, and the MosaRex Head is attached to the right arm with Tyramigo's second turret.

In this form, Gigant KishiRyuOh can utilize fire, water and lightning abilities. Its attacks are the Gigant Thunder Kick (ギガントサンダーキック Giganto Sandā Kikku), delivering powerful lightning-charged spin kicks with the Knight Boarders, fire a stream of water from the MosaRex Head, create a large energy manifestation of the Tyramigo Head for a biting punch, and the Gigant Firestorm (ギガントファイヤーストーム Giganto Faiyāsutōmu) blast from the Volcano Cannons, unleashing a swirling hurricane of flames. Its finisher is the Gigant Double Bite (ギガントダブルバイト Giganto Daburu Baito), where Gigant KishiRyuOh charges the MosaRex Head with lightning and the Tyramigo Head with fire, delivering chomping energy punches to destroy the Minosaur. A variation exists where the Minosaur is sprayed with scalding water from the MosaRex Head before being chomped by a greatly enlarged Tyramigo Head.

Appearances: Ryusoulger Episodes 18-19



BiriBiriSoul (Knight Mode)

"Raging Thunderbolt! SpinoThunder! (怒涛の雷撃!スピノサンダー! Dotō no Raigeki! SupinoSandā!)"
―Insertion announcement in the Ryusoul Calibur[src]

The BiriBiriSoul (ビリビリソウル BiribiriSōru, lit. Shocking Soul) is the personal RyuSoul for SpinoThunder. It enables access to the BiriBiri Armor, granting the user lightning-based abilities. 


  • SpinoThunder's name is a mix of Spinosaurus and "thunder".
  • It is the first Kishiryu to be made up of other Kishiryu.


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