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―Ryusoul Black summoning MilNeedle.[src]

Kishiryu MilNeedle (騎士竜ミルニードル Kishiryū Mirunīdoru) is Ryusoul Black's partner in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. It is modeled after a Miragaia.


MilNeedle is a giant Kishiryu built on the basis of a Needlesaurus, a fictional dinosaur based off a Miragaia. In combat, it wields the Knight Needle (ナイトニードル Naito Nīdoru) spines on its back, which fire off like rockets to bombard the opponent.

Appearances: Ryusoulger Episodes 3-8, 15-16, 20-21, 38


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Ryusoul Gattai KishiRyuOh MilNeedle

"KishiRyuOh MilNeedle!"
―Announcement after completing transformation.[src]

Ryusoul Gattai KishiRyuOh MilNeedle (竜装合体キシリュウオーミルニードル Ryūsō Gattai Kishiryūo Mirunīdoru) is an alternate formation consisting of Kishiryu MilNeedle's RyuSoul serving as the head, armor, and the dual Knight Mace (ナイトメイス Naito Meisu) as its weapons, Tyramigo's default mecha formation, and both Kishiryu Triken and Kishiryu Ankyloze's lower halves as shoulder pads.

This form, much like Bamba, relies on its strength, invoking the fighting style of a sumo wrestler, with more than enough power to overwhelm Tankjo. KishiRyuOh can utilize the Knight Maces in an oshidashi thrust manner and place them together for defense, and fire spikes from the Knight Needle (ナイトニードル Naito Nīdoru). Its finisher is the Needle Crusher (ニードルクラッシャー Nīdoru Kurasshā), where KishiRyuOh MilNeedle performs multiple purple energy bursts from the Knight Maces in the oshidashi thrust, destroying the Minosaur instantly.

Appearances: Ryusoulger Episode 5


KSR-Black RyuSoul

Black RyuSoul

KSR-Black RyuSoul (Knight Mode)

Black RyuSoul (Knight Mode)

"Jet Black Sniper! MilNeedle! (漆黒のスナイパー!ミルニードル! Shikkoku no Sunaipā! Mirunīdoru!)"
―Insertion announcement in the Ryusoul Calibur[src]

The Black RyuSoul (ブラックリュウソウル Burakku RyūSōru) is the personal RyuSoul of MilNeedle, used by Ryusoul Black.


  • Its name is a blend of Miragaia (with an "L" taking the place of the "R") and "needle".
    • MilNeedle is the first Miragaia-themed mecha in Sentai history.
  • Despite being based on a Miragaia, MilNeedle is based on a fictional Dinosaur, which the show created, named Needlesaurus, a stegosaurid with larger spines on its back.



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