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This article is about a/an changer in Mashin Sentai Kiramager.

"Kiramai Change!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

The Kiramai Changer (キラメイチェンジャー Kiramei Chenjā) is the transformation device of the main five Kiramagers.[1]


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Button Layout

Kiramai Changer (Face).jpg

  • Red Button: Initiates Transformation of the Kiramagers
  • Green Button: Summons the Mashin
  • Blue Button: Communication
  • Yellow Button: Initiates Kiramage attack (one-press) or a Mashin Gattai (two-press)


"Kiramai Go!"
―Transformation initiation announcement[src]

"Ki! Ra! Mei~!"
―Transformation Stand by announcement[src]

"(Rock music) Kiramekouze!"
―Transformation sound[src]

To transform, the Kiramagers press the red button, then shout "Kiramai Change!" (キラメイチェンジ Kiramei Chenji), then spin the "tire" to transform.

Special Attack

―Attack initiation announcement[src]

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"Mashin (name of Mashin)!"
―Summoning initiation announcement[src]

To call their respective Mashin, the Kiramagers press the green button, then spin the "tire".


"Mashin Gattai!"
―Combination initiation announcement[src]

"Land Mage/Sky Mage/Kiramaizin!"
―Combination announcement[src]

To combine their respective Mashin, the Kiramagers press the yellow button twice, then shout "Mashin Gattai!" (魔進合体 Mashin Gattai), then spin the "tire" to form their respective robot.


"Kiramai Calling!"
―Communication initiation announcement[src]

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Behind the Scenes



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