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A list of merchandise for the 44th Super Sentai series Mashin Sentai Kiramager.[1]

Roleplay Items

MSK roleplayset
  • Kiramager Complete Roleplay Set: DX Kiramai Changer & Kiramai Shot & Kiramai Sword (キラメイジャー完全なりきりセット DXキラメイチェンジャー&キラメイショット&キラメイソード Kirameijā Kanzen Narikiri Setto Derakkusu Kiramei Chenjā ando Kiramei Shotto ando Kiramei Sōdo)
    • Glittering Transformation Brace DX Kiramai Changer (煌輝変身ブレス DXキラメイチェンジャー Kōki Henshin Buresu Derakkusu Kiramei Chenjā)
    • Glittering Gun DX Kiramai Shot (煌輝銃 DXキラメイショット Kōkijū Derakkusu Kiramei Shotto)
    • Glittering Sword DX Kiramai Sword (煌輝剣 DXキラメイソード Kōkiken Derakkusu Kiramei Sōdo)

DX Mecha

MSK DXkiramajin

DX Kiramaizin

  • Mashin Combination DX Kiramaizin Mashin Armament Set (魔進合体 DXキラメイジン魔進武装セット Mashin Gattai Derakkusu Kirameijin Mashin Busō Ssetto)
    • Kiramager Robo Series 01: Mashin Combination DX Kiramaizin Set (キラメイジャー ロボシリーズ01 魔進合体 DXキラメイジンセット Kirameijā Robo Shirīzu 01 Mashin Gattai Derakkusu Kirameijin Setto)
    • Weapon Mashin Series 01: DX Mashin Rolland & Mashin Lifton Set (ウェポン魔進シリーズ01 DX魔進ローランド&魔進リフトンセット Uepon Mashin Shirīzu 01 DX Mashin Rōrando ando Mashin Rifuton Setto)

MSK DXbase

Kiramai Base with Mashins

MSK DXcarry

Mashin Carry

  • DX Kiramai Base & Weapon Series 02: Mashin Carry Set (DXキラメイベース&ウェポン魔進シリーズ02 魔進キャリーセット Derakkusu Kiramei Bēsu ando Uepon Mashin Shirīzu 02 Mashin Kyarī Setto)

  • Kiramager Robo Series 02: Mashin Combination DX King Express Set (キラメイジャーロボシリーズ02 魔進合体 DXキングエクスプレスセット Kirameijā Robo Shirīzu 02 Mashin Gattai Derakkusu Kingu Ekusupuresu Setto)

Vinyl Figures

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MSK Vinyls1

Softvi Hero

MSK sofubihero
  1. Kiramai Red
  2. Kiramai Yellow
  3. Kiramai Green
  4. Kiramai Blue
  5. Kiramai Pink

Candy Toys[2]


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Minipla Mashin Combination Series 01: Kiramaizin (ミニプラ 魔進合体シリーズ01 キラメイジン Minipura Mashin Gattai Shirīzu 01 Kirameijin)

  1. Mashin Fire A
  2. Mashin Fire B
  3. Mashin Fire C
  4. Mashin Mach & Mashin Shovellow
  5. Mashin Jetter
  6. Mashin Helico

MSK MPkingexpress

Minipla Mashin Combination Series 02: King Express (ミニプラ 魔進合体シリーズ02 キングエクスプレス Minipura Mashin Gattai Shirīzu 02 Kingu Ekusupuresu)

  1. Mashin Jouki A
  2. Mashin Jouki B
  3. Mashin Jouki C
  4. Mashin Jouki D
  5. Mashin Express A
  6. Mashin Express B

Roleplay Items

MSK kirameikei

Kiramager Kits (魔進戦隊キラメイジャー キット Mashin Sentai Kirameijā Kitto) are plastic models kits of the Kiramagers' arsenal.

  • Wave 1 (3/2020)
    1. Kiramai Changer
    2. Kiramai Sword
    3. Kiramai Shot

Figures & Miscellaneous

MSK yudox

YU-DO X (勇動X Yūdō Ekkusu) is a line of 11 centimeter tall action figures. Unlike previous YU-DO figures, YU-DO X figures now feature swiveling waists and ball-jointed wrists.

  • Wave 1 (4/2020)
    1. Kiramai Red
    2. Kiramai Yellow
    3. Kiramai Green
    4. Kiramai Blue
    5. Kiramai Pink
    6. Accessories set: Includes five pairs of open hands, three Kiramai Swords, and three Kiramai Shots.

MSK SSkids

Super Sentai Kids (スーパー戦隊キッズ Sūpā Sentai Kizzu) are small, super deformed vinyl figures.

  • Wave 1 (5/2020)
    1. Kiramai Red
    2. Kiramai Yellow
    3. Kiramai Green
    4. Kiramai Blue
    5. Kiramai Pink
    6. Mashin Fire
    7. Mashin Shovellow
    8. Mashin Mach
    9. Mashin Jetter
    10. Mashin Helico
    11. Ryusoul Red
    12. Tyramigo
    13. Ryusoul Gold
    14. Max Ryusoul Red
    15. Noblesse Ryusoul Gold


MSK GPkiramajin
  • Gashapon Kiramai Mashin Series
    • Wave 1: Kiramaizin (4/2020)
      1. Mashin Fire
      2. Mashin Mach
      3. Mashin Shovellow
      4. Mashin Jetter
      5. Mashin Helico

MSK GPswings01
  • Kiramager Keychains
    • Wave 1 (5/2020)
      1. Kiramai Red
      2. Kiramai Yellow
      3. Kiramai Green
      4. Kiramai Blue
      5. Kiramai Pink

Exclusive Releases

MSK MPclearver

Minipla Kiramaizin Clear Version[4] is the prize of the "Super Sentai Minipla Campaign". The prize is limited to 2,000 entrants that have collected points from Super Sentai Choco boxes.

MSK redsportscar

Mashin Mode

MSK SPlandmage

Combined as Land Mage

Red Sports Car Mashin (赤いスポーツカー魔進 Akai Supōtsu Kā Mashin)[5] is a red version of Mashin Mach. It can be used to form Land Mage and Kiramaizin and has a gold painted robot face with red accents for both forms. It was available as a bonus when pre-ordering DX Kiramaizin through Premium Bandai. After pre-orders were closed, Premium Bandai made it available as a stand-alone purchase for ¥1100.


Shining Transformation Brace DX Kirama Changer (30 second spot)

Shining Transformation Brace DX Kirama Changer (30 second spot)

Commercial for DX Kiramai Changer, Kiramai Shot, and Kiramai Sword.

Kiramagers Robo Series 01 DX Kiramajin Commercial

Kiramagers Robo Series 01 DX Kiramajin Commercial


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