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"Kiraful Go Arrow!"
―Activation Sound announcement[src]

The Kiraful Go Arrow (キラフルゴーアロー Kirafuru Gō Arō) is an arrow weapon used by the core Kiramagers to power-up into the Go Kiramagers.[1]


Juru created this weapon with the intention of using the energies of Kanaema Stone Energia, but to prevent the Kiramagers from burning out their bodies, similar to Yodonna's Bechats or the Monstone that absorbed the Kanaema Stone, he designed it so that the power boosts only last 100 seconds (1 minute and 40 seconds). The weapon was created using Blue Diamond infused with energy from Kanaema Stone Energia.

Button Layout

  • Red Button: Initiates Transformation of the Go Kiramagers
  • Green Button: Initiates a Kiraful Charge attack
  • Blue Button: Summons Mashin Oradin/Mashin Hakobu or a Mashin Gattai


"Kiraful Go! (Looping rock music)"
―Transformation initiation announcement[src]

"(Rock music) Mabushisugiruze!"
―Transformation sound[src]

To transform into Go Kiramagers, a Kiramager presses the red button, then fires the arrow, powering up either the whole team or just the wielders.[2] The Arrow only powers up whatever Kiramagers are in it's vicinity, while Kiramai Silver's above-average energy levels mean that he doesn't need the weapon's power boosts.

Special Attack

By pulling back and holding the arrow, then firing it, the Go Kiramagers can perform a special attack unique to them.

List of Attacks

  • Kiramai Green
    • Lightning Meteor: Go Kiramai Green generates a large sparkling green energy sphere that fires from the Kiraful Go Arrow and obliterates whatever it strikes.
  • Kiramai Blue
    • Unstoppable Laser: Go Kiramai Blue fires a powerful charged shot from the Kiraful Go Arrow. It is so powerful that it can pierce through multiple trees before impaling the enemy.

Finishing Strike

"Kiraful Charge!"
―Finisher standby announcement[src]

"Checkmage! Perfect!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

To finish an opponent, a Go Kiramager presses the green button, then fires the arrow.

List of Attacks

  • Sparkling Phoenix: The user unleashes a huge, fiery, sparkling phoenix construct at the enemy, which then disperses into countless homing energy arrows that rain down on the enemy and destroy it. 


"Let's Go! Mashin Oradin! I'll fight with you!"
―Summon announcement[src]

"Mashin Hakobu! Come on! TBA!"
―Summon announcement[src]

To call Mashin Oradin and Mashin Hakobu, the Kiramagers press the blue button, then fire the arrow.[3]


"Let's Mashin Gattai!"
―Combination initiation announcement[src]

"Grateful Phoenix! (Rock music)"
―Combination announcement[src]

To combine both Mashin Oradin and Mashin Hakobu into Grateful Phoenix, the Kiramagers press the blue button, then fire the arrow.[4]


  • The Kiraful Go Arrow is the first Power-up item to provide an entire Sentai team with their enhanced forms with only one copy of said item.
    • This makes it similar to many Cockpit Mode items in Power Rangers, such as the Dino Super Drive Saber and the Ninja Master Blade.
    • It is also the first Power-Up item to have a time limit for the enhanced forms linked to it.



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