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Kinggon of the Bigfoot (ビッグフットの筋(キン)グゴン Biggufutto no Kingugon) is the military leader of the Yuumajuu and one of their strongest warriors, armed with the Kingbō (金グ棒 Kingubō, Gold Gu Club) twin kanabō. He tends to say certain words three times in a sentence with increasing intensity.

He and Makuin of the Blob were sealed away in the Erurei Box by a legendary angel years ago and bringing about the end of the Gosei Angel war with the Yuumajuu. Years later, the box was unearthed during a struggle between the Goseigers and Dereputa of the Meteor and Brajira breaks the seal, freeing the duo. Though he and Makuin are a powerful pair, Kinggon unintentionally falls into the spell of his friend Jogon thanks to a ploy by Buredoran, and had nearly getting himself killed by the Goseigers when he attempts to prove his superior strength to what he believed was Makuin.

However, Kinggon realized he was deceived and managed to find the hive holding the Bibi Bugs before returning to get rid of Buredoran. Kinggon aids Makuin in their final plan until his partner is killed off and he himself is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate soon after.

His spirit later appears to Brajira along with Makuin, futilely trying to attack him before being cast away.

He is mysteriously revived in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs Uchuu Keijin Gavan. He briefly fights Captain Marvelous and Ahim de Famille in a forest. Despite not seen again, it's implied he's destroyed again when the GokaiGalleon Buster's Special Charge destroys the Makuu Prison.


  • Height: 219 cm (54.8 m: Giant)
  • Weight: 240 kg (600 t: Giant)
  • He is named after King Kong (キングコング, Kingu Kongu), a homophone to the Japanese cryptid Hibagon (the Japanese counterpart of Sasquatch) and using the kanji for "muscle" (筋, kin). He is modeled after a tarantula.
  • He is voiced by Kosuke Takaguchi. His suit actor was Hideaki Kusaka, who portrayed Mons Drake before him as well as portraying Gosei Great
  • He is the only second in command of Goseiger's evil organizations to reappear as a spirit in Epic 39.

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