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King for a Day is the two-part episode and the forty-second and forty-third episodes of Power Rangers Zeo. It concludes the three-part story arc that began in the previous episode.


After Tommy's disappearance, Prince Gasket brainwashes Tommy into believing that he is the ruler of the Machine Empire. When Bulk and Skull claim to have seen Tommy, the Power Rangers must find a way to rescue their leader.


Part 1

The Zeo Rangers are alarmed when Bulk and Skull recount their run-in with Zeo Ranger 5, especially since they have yet to find him. They try to find Tommy, especially Jason who recounts his own failure one time in letting him down once.

Tommy is being held hostage as Altor, another monster of Prince Gasket's, enters the brain scrambler. The transfer is a success and Altor prepares for battle in the Machine Arena. Inside the palace, Queen Machina highly praises Gasket's new attempt to defeat the Rangers. Prince Sprocket is harboring jealousy and tries to remind her that he thought she was her favorite son. Machina reminds him that he's just the baby of their family and Gasket came to them in their hour of need. At the arena, Altor takes out the Cogs easily as Tommy wakes up. Prince Gasket gets to work in brainwashing Tommy by lying and showing him false images of the Zeo Rangers destroying buildings, effectively making him believe that he is the King of the Machine Empire and that the Power Rangers are evil.

Using the hologram of Tommy, Jason is sucked into the vortex but Zordon is able to warn Katherine in time to return to the Power Chamber. Bulk and Skull head back to the lake where they're unknowingly sucked in. When Princess Archerina learns of it and warns Gasket, he quickly tells her to close off the portal and imprison the intruders. He then broadcasts live for the fight against Jason and Altor. His broadcast reaches an alarmed Goldar and Rito Revolto who call for Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. During Altor's fight, Tommy slowly starts to regain some memories and is confused by which Gasket presses harder to make him believe the memories of him being friends with the Rangers are a lie. After defeating Altor, Jason must face Tommy who is more than willing to destroy him.

Inside the Power Chamber, Billy and the Rangers watches helplessly as the fight continues.

Part 2

Bulk and Skull are imprisoned and meet an unlikely ally in Tritor. He reveals what happened to his home planet Horath which causes both men to realize what's in store for Earth. Tritor has a plan in assisting them to escape, but he needs Bulk and Skull's help in keeping the Cogs distracted. Tritor reveals his awareness in both the Brain Drain device and Gasket's force field. Seeing no other options, Bulk and Skull agree to help him. Tritor is called up to be the next Challenger in the arena.

Two Rangers have disappeared and nobody at the Command Center knows how to find them. They can only watch in horror as Tommy tries to destroy his best friend. Gasket and Archerina watch, amused by the turn of events.

Not too far from them on the Moon, Rita and Lord Zedd had been informed by Goldar and Rito about what they saw. While amused by the prospects of the fight, Lord Zedd comes to the horrifying conclusion that if the Machine Empire is successful in destroying the Rangers, they will take over Earth and keep him and Rita in exile. Much to his disgust, Lord Zedd realizes that they must help the Rangers for once, causing Rita to faint. They quickly come up with a plan to teleport the Rangers to the arena which could help distract Gasket. Finster suggests his Teleporter device will help get the Rangers to the arena. He warns them it will only have enough power to get them there. Zedd doesn't care and tells him to activate it at once.

The other Rangers are unknowingly teleported to the arena much to Gasket's joy. However, after a brief fight, Katherine demorphs and helps Tommy remember who he really is. With the other Rangers demorphing, Tommy regains control over himself. The Rangers attempt to teleport back to Earth, but Gasket's forcefield prevents them from leaving. Gasket reveals they made a terrible mistake by demorphing in front of him and brings some monsters into the arena. The Rangers attempt to morph, but find out that they can't as the forcefield is also keeping them from doing so. Suddenly, the forcefield disintegrates, courtesy of Tritor, who destroys both its generator and the brain drain device, while Bulk and Skull successfully manage to fight off the Cogs, in their own unique way. With the forcefield gone, the Rangers teleport home, but only after Jason reminds Gasket that if he messes with one Power Ranger, he better be willing to take on the whole team. Tritor thanks Bulk and Skull for their help and promises to make them legends on the now freed Horath. He then teleports them back to Earth as he heads home.

Later, Bulk and Skull are telling people about their encounters. Nobody believes their tale except for Tommy, Katherine, and Jason (who overhear them boasting about it) and reassure them that wherever the Power Rangers are, they're grateful to them for helping them and would thank them. However, thinking they're just being further mocked, Bulk and Skull storm off.



  • Bulk calls the morphed Tommy as Zeo Ranger 5. However, he should not know that the Zeo Rangers have designated numbers to them. 
  • The Rangers could have just removed their helmets rather than demorphing when showing Tommy that they were his true friends. However, their situation is defended as they were not aware of the effects the forcefield would have on their powers and teleportation ability.
  • At the end of Part II, Skull says that the Rangers were trapped in another dimension instead of on another planet and that he and Bulk helped Tritor destroy the force shield instead of force field.
  • In Part I, when Jason appears in the arena, Prince Gasket refers to all creatures present in the arena as Machine Empire soldiers, but in fact only a few of them are robots belonging to the Machine Empire, the rest were largely or look more like monsters from Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.


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