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"We are. Aha haha ahahahahaha."
―King Sphinx' first words after Kimberly wondered whether the villains were after something.[src]

"Uh oh."
―King Sphinx reacting to the Dino Megazord and his final words before his destruction.[src]

King Sphinx was an Egyptian sphinx-themed monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "A Pressing Engagement".


King Sphinx is initially mentioned by Finster as a monster to use as a way of separating Jason from the other Power Rangers to destroy him and leave them leaderless and easy to destroys. Finster supposedly creates him from a handful of Egyptian sand which he threw into the clay mold whilst making the monster's model. At Rita's request, King Sphinx deploys with the Putty Patrol so Zack, Kimberly and Jason arrive at the Children's Theater them but King Sphinx flaps his wings hard enough to send Kimberly and Zack away to the Angel Grove Youth Center. After doing so, with all his Putties gone, King Sphinx blasts Jason with fire but he is unfazed and jumps at the monster and slashes the monster with his Power Sword but King Sphinx is unfazed and he has to roll away from a swing. After two more slashes that do nothing, they blade lock but Sphinx leaps into the air and teleports himself and Jason to the quarry and they roll down a hill before fighting again. King Sphinx quickly takes out Jason's legs but the Ranger blocks a swing to his neck and kicks away the monster before they jump at each other in mid-air, Unfortunately, it is at this point that Goldar arrives and forces Jason to dodge towards King Sphinx though Jason hen slashes him away. Unfortunately, Rita then enlarges the two villains and Jason has to retreat from thier giant footsteps even as they blast him down. Fortunately, despite King Sphinx blasting him, Jason is able to retrieve a bag filled with the new Power Crystals and use them to teleport the other Rangers in before he summons the Dinozords. Forming Tank Mode, they blast the two villains but they are unfazed and blast the formation with devastating force so they have to enter Battle Mode. Goldar and King Sphinx are smacked aside with Goldar getting punched back twice and Sphinx punched away. Though Goldar's counterattack forces them into Tank Mode again, they ram down him and King Sphinx and blast them with the Cranial Laser. Enraged, King Sphinx leaps at them and slashes the Megazord but they deflect three more slashes and punch him away so he tries to blow them away instead. However, it barely pushes back the Megazord and Jason summons the Power Sword and they finish off King Sphinx with its energized slash. As he flails and cries out, King Sphinx face-plants and explodes.


King Sphinx was a wicked monster who took great pride in destroying the Rangers and stopped at nothing to help Rita take over the Earth. However he was also arrogant and confident and it was his weakness as he lost to the Rangers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength-King Sphinx was easily able to overpower and out-muscle Jason with no trouble whatsoever and three hits on the Rangers were more than enough to take him down.
  • Durability-King Sphinx shrugged off a slash across his waist from Jason's Power Sword who cut downwards whilst jumping, and a follow-up also had no effect. When giant, neither Tank Mode's eye blasts nor the Megazord's Cranial Laser could make a scratch on him.
  • Teleportation: King Sphinx could teleport to any location at will by jumping into the air and fading away and could even take others with him, such as Jason.
  • Weapon Combat-King Sphinx was able to overwhelm Jason alone and nearly destroy him completely when Goldar pitched in.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: King Sphinx could leap about twenty feet in the air with a single jump.
  • Wind Blast: King Sphinx's signature power where he could blow opponents away with the flap of his wings. They were strong enough to blow both Kimberly and Zack all the way back to the Youth Center and cause them to demorph.
    • Mega Wind Blast: When King Sphinx grew giant, his regular wing blasts got upgraded and became much stronger. They look identical to the original version but were able to blow the Megazord away.
  • Cobra Beam: King Sphinx could unleash a large clear light yellow colored energy beam from the golden and blue cobra statue mounted on his head. Although this was only used once, when he was made giant, it was powerful enough to blast Jason off of the hillside whilst he recovered the Power Crystals.


  • Sphinx Scepter: King Sphinx wielded a large blue-yellow scepter with a gold question mark on the end in combat.
    • Question Mark Fireball Barrage: From the question mark atop the Sphinx Scepter, King Sphinx could emit a barrage of flaming fireballs in shapes of question marks.

Behind the Scenes



  • Despite only appearing in one episode (if the unaired pilot does not count), King Sphinx was featured on much of the early merchandise for the show.
    • If one counts his appearance in the unaired pilot as canon, King Sphinx was the first monster ever to be featured in the franchise.
  • King Sphinx was the first monster of the week to grow and be destroyed while giant.
  • Though he would not be seen again on the show again physically, an illustration of King Sphinx would be featured in a page of Finster's monster book in the season one episode, Happy Birthday, Zack. He was shown on a page next to the page that features a drawing of the Genie monster. In Island of Illusion Part II, a flashback of footage from A Pressing Engagement is shown when Jason recalled his fight with King Sphinx and beating the monster in order to keep from fading away into nothingness.
  • Though King Sphinx only appeared in his debut episode, footage of the Goldar/King Sphinx fight from that episode can be seen in a few season one episodes, including the pilot Day of the Dumpster and Crystal of Nightmares, due to repeated scenes. Sometimes when Megazord attacks Goldar, King Sphinx can be briefly seen with Goldar being struck with a shower of sparks.
  • It is believed that King Sphinx was to be used in later episodes, much like how Eye Guy and Pudgy Pig were able to appear in original footage for episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but the monster suit had fallen apart. Despite this, King Sphinx's head can be seen in the comic book shop of the other live-action Saban series that aired on the Fox Kids Network, Big Bad BeetleborgsIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • King Sphinx was originally named Fly Guy in the (originally) unaired pilot for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which would later air as The Lost Episode.
    • Because of his appearance in the unaired pilot, King Sphinx became the most featured non-regular villain character to appear in art for much of the franchise's merchandise, including coloring books, board games and an eight-inch action figure.
  • King Sphinx appeared in two different Mighty Morphin Power Rangers video games. He appeared in the Game Gear version of MMPR, as the first boss of the game. In the Game Boy version of the MMPR game, King Sphinx appeared as the second boss.
    • Unlike the Game Boy version, the Game Gear Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game allowed players to select King Sphinx as a playable character in Link game and Versus game modes.
  • According to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers CD-ROM, King Sphinx's hobby was burying Power Rangers up to their necks in sand and leaving them to their fate. His weakness was listed as rain, which could dissolve him into a puddle of sand.

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