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King Pyramider cockpit

King Pyramider (キングピラミッダー Kingu Piramiddā): King Ranger's mecha, a massive Pyramid which doubles as his space ship. King Pyramider is armed with a laser beam that it fires from its apex and can summon a wave of lightning from the sky to obliterate giant Machine Beasts called Super Burn Wave (スーパーバーンウェーブ Sūpā Bān Uēbu).


Appearances: Ohranger Episodes


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King Pyramidder Carrier Formation

"King Pyramidder, Carrier Formation!"
―Combination announcement[src]

King Pyramider Carrier Formation (キングピラミッダー キャリアフォーメーション Kingu Piramiddā Kyaria Fōmēshon): A lesser used alternate combination of King Pyramider, the Chouriki Mobiles, and Red Puncher formed with the command, "King Pyramider, Carrier Formation!" where King Pyramider stretches out into a mobile platform onto which the Chouriki Mobiles and Red Puncher are mounted.  

Appearances: Ohranger Episode 28 & Ohranger vs. Kakuranger

King Pyramider Battle Formation

King Pyramider Battle Formation (キングピラミッダーバットルフォー名ション Kingu Piramiddā Battoru Fuōmēshon) is King Pyramider's Giant Robo form that combine with Chouriki Mobiles and Red Puncher by combination command "King Pyramider, Battle Formation!". The massive and ultimate Combination Giant Robo that make it can't move and fight, only finish the enemies. King Pyramider Battle Formation is armed with Red Puncher's piston arms as 2 shoulder cannons. It can collect powerful energy into its big red crystal on the chest and 2 shoulder cannons and fire the powerful energy to kill the giant Machine Beasts call Super Legend Beam (スーパーレジェンドビーム Sūpā Rejendo Bīmu)

Like the Turbo Builder in Kousoku Sentai Turboranger and Magma Base in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman, King Pyramidder's Battle Formation, despite humanoid form and somewhat moveable-arms, is largely immobile and unable to physically fight on its own, simply serving as a large battle platform.

Appearances: Ohranger Episodes


King Pyramider Battle Formation ready to fire


King Pyramidder.

  • This is the only Ohranger mecha that was not built by United Airforce Overtech Hardware like the rest.
  • The spelling King Pyramidder is seen on a systems display in Ep. 47: Stand, Shine, Revive!!.
  • There is an error when both times OhBlocker is used as part of King Pyramidder Battle Formation, the Ohrangers are seen in their separate Chouriki Mobiles cockpits when commanding the formation to fire, even though they are not present in this version of the formation. This error is due to the result of stock footage.


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