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King Oradin (オラディン王 Oradin Ō) is the King of Crystalia. He is the husband of the deceased Queen Mabayuine, the biological father of Princess Mabushina, the adoptive father of Takamichi Crystalia, and the older brother of Galza.

Character History

Early Life

Young brothers Oradin & Galza's drawings

Oradin at a early age grew found with his brother Garza.

Oradin was crowned King years before Yodonheim invaded, though his Kiramental was lower than Galza's, a factor that his brother thought made him less worthy of being king. Ultimately, Galza's negative side took over and he helped Yodonheim invade Crystalia, killing Oradin doing so.

Thirty years ago before the downfall, Oradin visited Earth and befriended a human named Takamichi Hakataminami through the latter’s father. Both Oradin and Takamichi went treasure hunting in their expedition during that time. When an unearthed Monstone lodged itself in Takamichi’s body, its presence threatening to kill him. Oradin rushed toward his friend’s dying body and took him to Crystalia, where he implanted a silver Kiramai Stone within him to enhance his body and keep the Monstone at bay. Oradin adopted Takamichi as his son, further strengthening his ties to the Hakataminami family, including Takamichi’s younger brother Muryou. Takamichi’s departure back to his original home planet, Earth, took place sometime before Yodonheim’s invasion on Crystalia.


Oradin is a wise and calm father; a family man who cares deeply for his daughter, and is willing to defend his home at any cost. Despite this, he still has a friendly side, and often plays with his daughter whenever he can. He is also selfless, and often refuses the chance to rest so he can help others.

Much like Juru, Oradin has a passion for art, though compared to Juru, his drawings come out with a more photographic quality.


Powers and abilities

  • Kiramental: King Oradin possesses a strong imagination that allows him to bring any material, being or tool originating from his imagination into existence. His imagination is so strong that he was able to create an entire world of Atamald Sanctuary, a place where Crystalians and humans co-exist peacefully.
  • Soul Transfer: Similar to his queen, Oradin is able to transfer his soul into a stone after death. However, his transfer into the Miracle Stone was interrupted by the power of Emperor Yodon, and he could only escape successfully with the assistance of Juru.
  • Energy Infusion: Oradin could supercharge an object with Kiramental energy just by touching it. This was seen when he boosted an arrow through two targets in one strike.
  • Strength: Oradin possesses enough physical strength to lift a Basra Type Dark Beast's jaws open.
  • Mental Link: Oradin and Juru share a mental link, allowing one to read the other's thoughts.
  • Form Change: Oradin is able to transform from his normal form to Mashin form via his Kiramental. He unlocks this ability when Galza uses Jamental to bring his former body back.


  • Sword: Oradin wielded a crystalline rapier with a guard resembling that of a cutlass.
    • Shock Waves: Oradin can slam his sword on the ground to create green shockwaves as shown in Episode ZERO.
    • Energy Slashes: With his sword, Oradin can generate flaming cyan-colored energy slashes.

Mashin Oradin

After the Kiramagers made it to the Atamald Sanctuary, King Oradin was freed by Juru, allowing him to merge with the Miracle Stone and resurrect himself as Mashin Oradin (魔進オラディン Mashin Oradin), a crystal phoenix-themed Mashin.[1] In this form, Oradin gains the ability to fly at high speeds and can engulf himself in energy for ramming attacks. Forms the chestplate and head of Grateful Phoenix.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 29-39, 42-45

Behind the Scenes



  • His name appears to be a play on Aladdin, a folk hero in an Arabic legend.
    • His name and appearance also seem to share some elements with Odin, the ruler of the Aesir in Norse mythology.
  • His name is a play on of "Odin and Aladdin.
  • King Oradin's sword is recycled from one of Sargain’s Ganryuken.
  • Oradin is one of the few Super Sentai allies who assists the main team by becoming one of the Rangers' Mecha, the other 2 being Shishi-Oh and Kameo. He is the first to die beforehand and be resurrected as a mecha, as Kameo could change forms at will while Shishi-Oh was alive when he became a mecha.
  • Excluding Mashins Jouki and Zabyun (who are hybrids of vehicles and creatures), Mashin Oradin is the first Mashin to be based on an animal (in this case, a mythical beast) rather than a vehicle.



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