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King Megas (キングメガス Kingumegasu) is the final Neo Mecha Gigan, piloted by Doctor Man


A Neo Mecha Gigan that is the culmination of Doctor Man's research, made of the strongest alloys and possessing weapons throughout its entire body. Its weapons and coating likewise possess Anti-Bio Particles for both protection and tracking down Bioman similar to Silva. In terms of weapons it possesses a 6-tube missile launcher in the shoulder, knee missiles, electric rays from the hands and shoulders, and a broadsword. It is also capable of flight.


King Megas is the final weapon used by Doctor Man after his entire Big Three and even Silva and Balzion have fallen, set up as the ultimtae means to defeat Bioman. He demonstrates its power by using one of the Anti-Bio Particle missiles to destroy Biobase, forcing out Bioman into a final showdown. Due to the Anti-Bio technology used in the mecha, Bioman has a hard time fighting it until they use the same method they used to fight Balzion, having Peebo integrate itself into the mechanics of Bio Robo and combining his Bio Particles with the humans and mecha, giving them a full-power Bio Particle Cut that is enough to destroy the mecha and force Doctor Man to utilize his final failsafe at Neograd: the Anti-Bio Bomb.


  • King Megas is the final mecha and Neo Mecha Gigan of the season and the only one Doctor Man pilots.

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