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King Lexian is the grandfather of Dex Stewart and the rightful king of the planet Edenoi.


King Lexian is the latest in the line of Edenoi's Kings. He is also the creator and "father" of Alpha 5, having built Alpha himself and gave him life. A scholar and artisan, like other Edenites, he is of peace and has known no battles. However, he was also the keeper of the Masked Rider powers like all the kings before him. When Count Dregon chose to take advantage of the peaceful nature of the Edenites, He, and everyone on the planet became Dregon's slaves. He and the other Edenites were forced into mining poisonous gases under the honeycomb surface of Edenoi. These minings left the environment in poisonous air. However Lexian managed to pass on the unused power of Masked Rider onto his grandson, leaving him the task of fending off the forces of Dregon.

However, unbeknownst to Alpha 5, Edenoi's environment was too far gone to revitalize, as the gases had overtaken the atmosphere. Upon learning that Count Dregon had launched a plan of attack following the Power Rangers, he is last seen sending Dex off to Earth to protect it from Dregon's forces.

Behind the Scenes


  • King Lexian was portrayed by Ralph Votrian.