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King Bibi (キングビービ Kingu Bībi) is the main villain in Come Back! Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Last Epic - The Gosei Angels are National Icons!?

Character History

King Bibi is a Bibi Bug that survived destruction and evolved into a humanoid form. He enters the body of Yumeko Hoshino in order to execute a master plan that would destroy the Goseigers and everything they stood for in order to avenge his kind while feeding on the darkness in human hearts. However, King Bibi's plan fails and he is destroyed soon after by Ground Gosei Great.




concept art

  • Height: 211 cm (53.8 m: giant)
  • Weight: 323 kg (823 t: giant)
  • Movie Reference: His name is taken from Friday in Japanese,which derived from Friday the 13th (13日の金曜日 Juusannichi No Kin yo bi).
  • King Bibi was unused in Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce after the series was concluded.
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