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King Arthur is the ruler of Camelot. He was once the Red Dragon. 

Character History

Becoming The Red Dragon

After getting separated from Lancelot after coming to the aid of a nearby village, the evil witch Morgana La Fe placed a curse on him, where every night after sun set he would transform into her evil Red Dragon. He was finally freed from his curse thanks to the combined efforts of Power Rangers Hyper Force (minus Marv), Sir Edward Banks 2nd and Lady Guinevere. After that, he and Lady Guinevere awarded Chloe with The Pink Morph Gem, allowing her to morph into her very own Battlizer Mode and the Hyper Force Rangers a better chance at finding Marv. 

Broken Curse

When the Rangers and Battle Knights finally encountered the Red Dragon, Eddie used his water power's to put out his flames for a moment , but as soon as Sir Edward Banks 2nd began to strike ì, the Dragon hit him with a fireball, temporarily knocking him out. Eddie than threw his Oceanus Blades into its nostrils, congesting and distracting him long enough for Vesper to slice his stomach with her Cerberus Disc. Eddie and Edward than put his flames out again before striking his stomach again, knocking him flat on his back. Congested and accidentally swallowed his own flames, he was burned alive from the inside. After Jack put out the flames with all of the water from within a well, his scales soon fell off, his body shrank and he changed completely back into King Arthur. Finally free from his curse, King Arthur and Lady Guinevere awarded Chloe with The Pink Wind Morph Gem, giving the Pink Ranger her Battlizer Mode and the Hyper Force Rangers an even better chance at finding Marv. 


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