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"Finally, Giga Bragigas' seal has been undone! However, Jinarik comes back to life! He sends Giga Bragigas to wreak havoc on the city!"

King 9: I'll show you! The Largest Combination of the Strongest! (보여주마! 최강 최대의 합체! Boyeojuma! Choegang Choedaeui Habche!?) is the ninth episode of Power Rangers Dino Force Brave. It features the debut of the Gigant BrachioKing and the final appearances of Weihab and Jinarik.



The Kyoryugers try to reach Giga Bragigas before the Zyudenryu cover them to fall back to the Spirit Base. The group soon formulate a plan for Torin reach Giga Bragigas by first destroying Jinarik to present an open window. The next day, the Kyoryugers battle Jinarik before they see a explosion from where Brave Kyoryu Gold is fighting Wahab. After letting Brave Kyoryu Red go to Juhyeok's aid, the other Kyoryugers quickly defeat Jinarik so Torin can purify Giga Bragigas. Jinarik responds by enlarging, only for he and his supporting Giant Zorima to be wiped out by Giga Bragigas as it transforms into Brave Gigant Bragi-Oh. Meanwhile, noting the birthmark on Juhyeok's neck has vanished, Wahab realizes the mercenary's secret once Juyong comes to his aid and attempts to retreat to inform Deizaurus. But Juhyeok kills the Neo Deboth Army member before he proceeds to strike Juyong down.


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  • In Japanese dub, the episode was renamed to I'll Show You! The Strongest and Largest Combination (見せてやる!最強最大の合体 Miseteyaru! Saikyō Saidai no Gattai).

DVD release

Kyoryuger Brave DVD

Kyoryuger Brave DVD cover

The complete Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave series was released on DVD in Japan on July 12th, 2017.[1]


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