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"The five Dino Force Brave Rangers are now determined to fight together as a team! But then, a mysterious warrior claiming to be a space mercenary meets with Neo Deboth..."

King 4: Threat! Space Mercenary! (강적! 우주용병 Gangjeog! UjuyongByeong!?) is the fourth episode of Power Rangers Dino Force Brave. It features the full debut of Brave Gold Dino and the first appearance of the Brave PteraKing.


A person named Juhyeok Kwon who calls himself the Dino Hunter appears before the Kyoryuger Brave. He transforms into Brave Gold Dino. Why should the Kyoryuger fight among themselves? Brave Red Dino faces Brave Gold Dino but he was too strong to fight.


After receiving his payment to test the Kyoryugers' skills, Juhyeok proceeds to Earth to confront the Kyoryugers during their training exercise after Juyong ran off. Juhyeok introduces himself as a Dinosaur Hunter before he transforms into Brave Kyoryu Gold and overpowers the four Kyoryugers. Brave Kyoryu Red then appears and battles Brave Kyoryu Gold one-on-one, feeling a bit of nostalgia from facing him, before Guntyra intervenes. Gold counters by summoning his Zyudenryu partner Pteravolton while the Kyoryugers form Brave Kyoryuzin, only to be defeated when Brave Kyoryu Gold transforms Pteravolton into Brave Pteraiden-Oh. But Brave Kyoryu Gold spares the Kyoryugers while taking his leave, telling the Neo Deboth Army members that killing the Kyoryugers will cost extra while Deizarus is amused with the results. Later, as Torin is perplexed who Juhyeok is, the Kyoryugers refuse to lose to him again.


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  • In Japanese dub, the episode was renamed to Too Strong! Space Mercenary (強すぎだぜ!宇宙傭兵 Tsuyosugi da ze! Uchū Yōhei)

DVD release

Kyoryuger Brave DVD

Kyoryuger Brave DVD cover

The complete Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave series was released on DVD in Japan on July 12th, 2017.[1]


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