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"Brave Green Dino and Brave Pink Dino, two new powerful Braves of the Dino Force! However, a problem has risen among them..."

King 3: Gabugaburincho, We're a Team! (가브가브린초, 우리는 팀이다! Gabeugabeulincho, Ulineun Tim-ida!?) is the third episode of Power Rangers Dino Force Brave. It features the full debut of Juhyeok Kwon.


All Five Kyoryuger Brave have gathered. Hyeonjun Jeon & Sechang Kim try to train the carefree Pureun Lee & Dohee Yun. At that time a person who calls him the Space Mercernary Juhyeok Kwon infiltrates Deizarus' Space Ship and could this Space Mercenary Juhyeok Kwon be Juyong Kwon's seperated Brother?


With things not going well for them in their training, Pureun and Dohee formally introduce themselves, Hyeonjun, Sechang, Pureun, and Dohee find Juyong in the middle of his sparring with Guntyra. He explains that he is training to become as strong as his older brother whom he got separated from as a child, consider his team mates as family. Meanwhile, the mysterious mercenary Juhyeok appears before the Neo Deboth Army to offer his services in dispatching the Kyoryugers. While Deizarus accepts Juhyeok's offer, Wahab and Tsuraira felt their cannot trust him as they travel to Earth to deal with the Kyoryugers personally. While the two Neo Deboth Army members overwhelm Brave Kyoryu Black and Brave Kyoryu Blue, Brave Kyoryu Green and Brave Kyoryu Pink turn the tables as Juyong deems the team to be fully formed before joining his teammates in driving Wahab and Tsuraira off. Wahab summons Bojinma and two Giant Zorima to cover their escape, with the Kyoryugers using Brave Kyoryuzin's formations to defeat their opposition. Later, while playing soccer with his friends, Juyong encounters Juhyeok.


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  • In Japanese dub, the episode was renamed to Gabugaburincho! All Gathered (ガブガブリンチョ!全員集合 Gabugaburincho! Zen'in Shūgō)

DVD release

Kyoryuger Brave DVD

Kyoryuger Brave DVD cover

The complete Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave series was released on DVD in Japan on July 12th, 2017.[1]


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