World of the Coinless
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"I’m gonna go kill Lord Drakkon. He’s taken Jason, Billy,... and now Matt. I’m not gonna let him take anyone else!"
―Kimberly (World of the Coinless)[src]

"I'm bringing our lord back to us."
―Ranger Slayer to Finster 5[src]

This version of Kimberly Ann Hart is from the World of the Coinless who (before being freed) had served under Lord Drakkon as a brainwashed Power Ranger, known as the Ranger Slayer. She is the leader of the Promethea Rangers. She is also the pilot of the Gravezord.

After the complete defeat of Drakkon, sometimes after the storyline Beyond the Grid and Necessary Evil, Kimberly became the new leader of her restored world, restoring the peace and undone everything what Drakkon destroyed.Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer


The Fall of the Rangers

As the Pink Ranger.

The history of this version of Kimberly Hart parallels the history of her counterpart from the central timeline until events which creates the World of the Coinless. Kimberly fought alongside her fellow Power Rangers against the forces of Rita Repulsa and Lord Drakkon, culminating in "The Fall of the Power Rangers" battle that saw the deaths of Jason Lee Scott, Billy Cranston, and her world's version of Zordon. As a result of the battle, Lord Drakkon claimed the Tyrannosaurus, Sabertooth Tiger, Pterodactyl, and Mastodon Power Coins. Zack Taylor and Trini Kwan would eventually escape and form the resistance movement known as The Coinless.

Kimberly was also a member of the resistance helping get people to safety and running reconnaissance missions with Bulk. On one of these missions, she witnesses the death of her universe's Matthew Cook. This, combined with the other losses she has experienced, leads her to wage an attack against Lord Drakkon on her own. While she was able to defeat many Sentries on her own, she is eventually put under mind control by Drakkon using a similar spell as the one Rita used on him as the Green Ranger. 

Kimberly shortly after being put under mind control.

Even though the Pterodactyl Power Coin was originally claimed with the others and used to power Pterodactyl Sentries, the coin was returned to her and, combined with the new, evil energy of the Bow of Darkness, she is able to become the Ranger Slayer.

Shattered Grid

As the Ranger Slayer.

After Lord Drakkon's defeat during the Black Dragon arc of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, he was dragged back into the present day by accident; eventually getting captured and remanded to the care of Promethea and its CEO (and Red Ranger of the 1969 Power Rangers) Grace Sterling. Meanwhile, on Drakkon's world, the power structures were under revolt as the Coinless were making strides and Scorpina and her loyalists were going rogue; a situation exacerbated by the arrival of the HyperForce Rangers. In desperation, Finster 5 gave the last shard of the Green Chaos Crystal to the Ranger Slayer with the hopes that she could use it and the Gravezord to track Lord Drakkon and bring him back. 

Unfortunately for her, she arrived at a point when the Rangers were still new and long before Tommy Oliver ever arrived in Angel Grove. Desperate, she tried to contact Finster 5 but failed. It was then that Rita Repulsa arrived and offered to charge the Gravezord for her. Later the Ranger Slayer sent her Gravezord into downtown Angel Grove to draw out the Power Rangers, and while it attacked them, she sneaked into the Command Center with her Pterodactyl Power Coin. She used a Quantum Field Disruptor to disrupt Zordon’s brain and ripped off Alpha 5's arm. She then issued an ultimatum: If they cooperate and let her use the Command Center’s sub-spectrum long-range communication array, she’ll leave them all in peace. When Alpha 5 got defiant, she readied to brutally attack him but then was attacked by the main world's Kimberly Hart, who ordered her to keep her hands off of Alpha. In the ensuing fight, the main world's Kimberly managed to shatter the Ranger Slayer's Bow of Darkness and thus breaking Drakkon's hold on her.

Immediately, the elder Kimberly had PTSD flashbacks of what Drakkon made her do. To alleviate her pain, both Kimberlys went to the juice bar; whereas Kimberly's cousin Sally, she was overjoyed to see Bulk (who was a loyal comrade in the World of the Coinless), and conflicted by seeing Matthew Cook (whose counterpart in her timeline died in her arms). Eventually, Drakkon managed to contact the Ranger Slayer saying that she would be stranded a little longer as he is on the verge of breaking the Morphin Grid. When he asked where her bow was, he realized that she had broken his control and left her to rot in the past.

She returned to the Command Center to repair her bow and plot her next move by using an opportunity changing the fate of past-present Power Rangers, including that timeline's Tommy and Matthew. She uses an improved Green Crystal to revive the Gravezord to fight alongside the Mighty Morphin Megazord against two monsters, then implanted one of the crystal's fragments into her arrows to shoot past-present Tommy, giving him the vision to prevent his original future-present's fate without killing him. The Rangers managed to defeat the two monsters with Mega Gravezord's Inferno Blaster.

Final Battle Against Lord Drakkon

Immediately after the battle with the two monsters, Kimberly was recruited to the main timeline by Grace Sterling, presumably bringing the Gravezord with her, as it unmerged and dematerialized from the Mighty Morphin Megazord at the same time.

She takes part in a rescue mission to Lord Drakkon's moonbase in the World of the Coinless as the other Rangers are waging the final battle against Drakkon's forces. Ultimately, the rescue is successful, and the depowered Rangers who were being held captive are taken aboard the Promethea. 

She is aboard the ship as the World of the Coinless began tearing apart as space and time were wiped away. She observes as Andros tries to command the crew to teleport the Promethea base away and while the base manages to begin a teleport, it fades away into nothing as it does so. With no space or time to exist, once the multiverse was restarted, the Promethea re-materialized into existence and exited at a random vector from the teleport stream. While the Promethea has taken damage, she is seen, as the Ranger Slayer, helping to rescue the injured and trapped aboard the ship. 

Beyond the Grid

BTG Unmorphed.jpeg

After the events of Shattered Grid and the recreation of the multiverse, Kimberly is aboard the Promethea as it drifts through what seems like a void in space. She is one of the few Rangers who still has the ability to morph, though she observes that she has few morphs left in her morpher, since where the group presumably has no access to a Morphing Grid.

She expresses a great amount of grief over her time as the possessed Ranger Slayer and contemplates leaving the ship. However, she is stopped by Grace, who insists that she is needed and cannot leave.

She is the de facto leader of the new group of Power Rangers (consisting of herself, Tanya Sloan, Cameron Watanabe, Andros, Mike Corbett, and Heckyl). She leads them on a mission to answer a distress call that is heard somewhere in the universe, though it is revealed that the call was a ploy to lure her group away from the Promethea.

Road to Redemption and New Heir

The New Queen.jpg

Kimberly Hart awakens after reality was reborn to find herself in a corn field on the World of the Coinless. Feeling regret from her dreadful actions as the Ranger Slayer, Kimberly regrets coming back to life in the new universe but decides to make the best of a bad situation when she hears rifle fire.

Nearby, a lieutenant Sabertooth Sentry fires her gun into the air and demands everyone get inside as part of a curfew under order of Lord Drakkon or be "re-educated" (taken away to prison). A Mastodon Sentry (with the rank of private) approaches and questions their somewhat extreme actions since they had been sent to protect the people and not recruit them with the lieutenant rebutting by stating that this amounted to insubordination and that being so sensitive would only come back to hurt him in the long run. Kimberly hid in the bushes and prepared to fire an arrow but a bunch of glowing green Red Rangers come out of the woods, attacking the Ranger Sentry patrol and killing the lieutenant. Luckily, Kimberly killed the leader with an arrow through the eye and cutting the rest down although the leader managed to escape to inform his mysterious leader of the Ranger Slayer's return. Taking command, the private unmasks and says he can escort Kimberly back to Drakkon's palace but she declined and told him to take the citizens to safety to which he agrees. Kimberly then walks into the woods before passive aggressively telling him to stay out of her way.

Later on, in the Coinless' hideout, Kimberly has arrived and reveals that she came back to help overthrow Drakkon's forces to Trini, Zack and Bulk. Considering that she had been a murderous enemy whilst controlled by Drakkon, everyone was understandably sceptical of her motives and Zack suspected that Scorpina's forces were about to attack and this was to lower their guard. Kimberly countered that she came back to answer for her mistakes but her former allies took umbrage with her somewhat euphemistic language used since she was a war criminal. Trini even stated everyone present wished her dead and thought that they could take her Power Coin and create their own Ranger Sentries to counter Drakkon's but they'd have to take her out first. However, Bulk (ever the optimistic member of the group) came to Kimberly's defence and said he'd have to die with her much to Trini's surprise. Bulk countered that she had been brainwashed and couldn't be blamed and that they believed in second chances which made this argument somewhat hypocritical since they wanted a peaceful world but were unwilling to give their former friend a chance. He says that they were fighting for nothing if they refused to help their friend since this was the opposite of the Coinless' goals. He then closed his soliloquy by saying that they needed her help anyway, revealing the mysterious Rangers to be the undead. Trini countered that they had no proof of their nature but Bulk pointed out their resemblance to "ghosts in body armor" with Kimberly stating she fought some earlier just for Zack to cut her off by saying how lucky she was to have survived that encounter.

Zack tells Kimberly that the Rangers had appeared some months ago and were so ruthless that they would attack anyone they encountered whether they were Coinless or Ranger Sentry before revealing that they had been tracked to the remains of the Command Center which Drakkon had destroyed before he took over the world. However, they had no clue what was inside since no one had ever lived to come back and report to them whilst Bulk tells them that Kimberly's presence gave them a fighting chance although Kimberly tells him that her actions had destroyed any chance of them trusting her. She then steps forward and offers her Power Coin and herself up for trial when it was all over but Trini just storms off, leaving the decision to Zack. He allows her into the organisation but reminds her that there was no way in safely but she had an idea.

That night, the so-called Spirit Sentries are patrolling the Command Center whilst the Coinless looked on and a shadowy figure wanted to go in alone which Zack refuses outright because he was done burying his friends. Before the argument could persist, call sign "Lion" told them to get ready to enter at which point the Gravezord (piloted by Kimberly and Bulk, the latter excited to finally get to pilot a Zord) flies in and bombards the Spirit Sentries. With the enemy distracted, the other Coinless enter the ruins where they notice a significantly more Gothic atmosphere to the place than before. They eventually entered what would once have been the main chamber, fully alert only to be confronted by Rita Repulsa. Zack was understandably struck dumb by her presence since Drakkon had killed her straight after the Power Chamber had been destroyed whilst Rita gloated about how they had outrun death for so long yet they had been forced to face it eventually. Zack told Trini to leave and Rita seals him inside the chamber with her to their horror. Zack tired to energy slash Rita to death but this failed since she was a ghost. She then referenced when she tried and failed to convince Zack to become her new Green Ranger which led her to recruit Tommy and eventually her death. She then threw him down, revealed that Trini was why she had returned from the dead, and declares that she will not hurt them because it would "ruin all the fun." She then turned to where the Gravezord was making mincemeat out of the undead and enlarges a resurrected Goldar who had now been reduced to a mindless snarling creature. The Gravezord mops up the last minions but is tore apart and destroyed Kimberly's Zord although her and Bulk manage to escape from it in the Firebird Thunderzord. Zack and Trini are shocked but Rita lets them go, convinced that they would no longer pose a threat to her as she prepared for the final attack after which she could then recreate the Earth to her own designs.

Later, the Coinless have regrouped at the Mastodon Warehouse where they were based but the organization had splintered since many had given up after finding out that Rita had returned. Kimberly walks over to Trini whilst revealing that Bulk was grieving over the Gravezord and Trini apologized for doubting her motives only for Zack to enter and confront Trini since Rita had revealed that his friend was responsible for her return. Kimberly was shocked but Trini rebutted that she was trying to save them all and made the assumption based on Zordon saying before that Rita wasn't truly evil. Trini had naively assumed that she could be redeemed but she was wrong and was too ashamed to admit it before. She reveals to Kimberly that, when Drakkon ruled, every alien invasion was quickly stomped out to the point of other villains such as Master Vile and Lord Zedd skipped over the Earth for fear of their own lives. With Drakkon gone, there was a massive power struggle over Drakkon's Empire and the various alien factions with Scorpina eventually coming out on top. However, the Coinless were caught in the middle of the fighting and were considered enemies of every warring factions so were getting subsequently wiped out. In the remains of the Command Center, Trini resurrected Rita as a ghost using her wand (which she stole from Drakkon's palace after the events of Shattered Grid) to try and defend Earth from the invaders. At first, she was amiable and hid them from detection but quickly turned on them and started resurrecting an army of the dead to invade and take over the world.

Understandably angry, Zack asked why she made a deal with one of their worst enemies with Trini's response hankering back to his earlier comment about hating to have to bury friends. Any further arguing was cut off by insane laughter from Kimberly who lightened the mood by wondering what Zordon would have said had Drakkon not have killed him. With the mood lightened, and Kimberly reminding them of their old days as a team, Zack wonders how they could save the world without their powers. Trini said they could destroy her connection to the mortal plain which would make her army disappear but to do that, they would need an army to distract the Spirit Sentries although Zack had a very bad solution to that. Sometime later, a Mastodon Sentry stands guard in the city when an energy arrow strikes near their head. They look at it and looks back to see the Ranger SLayer aiming her Slayer Bow at them and demanding to talk to Commander Scorpina.

Maybe an hour later, Kimberly stands before Commander Scorpina in front of the entire army of Ranger Sentries whilst the Coinless leadership stood in chains behind her. She talks about their former allegiances and saying that she wanted to save Scorpina and all of her allies from evil. Scorpina mockingly said it was inspiring but then revealed she didn't trust Kimberly's intentions since she was brainwashed whilst under Drakkon so had no actual loyalty to him so her act of having apparently captured The Coinless was just a ruse. Kimberly reminded Scorpina that she was just weakening the Drakkon Empire by being its leader and that she needed to act selfless in order to regain lost territory. She may have been Drakkon's brainwashed and unwilling slave but motivations and rivalries didn't matter because Rita Repulsa was coming and did not care about allegiances. Whether they were Drakkon's army or Coinless, Rita did not care and would butcher both in order to conquer the world and the only way to stand against her was together otherwise they would both be subsequently wiped out. Scorpina doesn't buy the "enemy of my enemy" argument and orders the Ranger Sentries to execute Kimberly for treason but they do nothing so she shrieks at them to kill the entire group. However, the Ranger Sentries apparently have more common sense than their leader and swore their allegiance to Kimberly which forces Scorpina to aid her enemy.

The next morning, Rita enters the city with Goldar and orders him to start demolishing buildings whilst ordering her right hand man to begin the attack on the city. Scorpina watches the advancing Spirit Sentry army whilst still having her misgivings about Kimberly's plan since she believes they were just prolonging the inevitable. Kimberly mockingly thanks her for the moral support before telling her army to fight with passion since this fight was for the entire planet and their loved ones before ordering her army of Putties, giant Zord like machines, and Ranger Sentries to attack. Whilst the majority of the forces clash in the remains of Angel Grove, Scorpina and Trini fight their way towards Rita whilst Scorpina reminded Kimberly that this alliance was meaningless. It was simply an alliance of convenience and they would return to being mortal enemies with their common enemy was defeated. They then spotted Rita floating in the sky and Scorpina, realising that this mighty be her final battle, admitted that the Coinless had proven to be a worthy enemy but Trini refused the backhanded insult. In the meantime, Goldar is still demolishing buildings and annihilating the Ranger Slayer's army but she calls in Finster-5's creation which turns out to be a hybrid of Lord Zedd, the Dragonzord and a lizard. The Zord is able to almost immediately overpower Goldar, taking him to the ground with an energy blast to the face and beating him to death with its bare hands. With Goldar gone, the battle begins to turn in the favor of the Ranger Sentries. Meanwhile, Scorpina confronted Rita, managing to seal her away once and for all. With their leader gone, the magic keeping the Spirit Sentries in the world of the living ceases to exist and they return to the underworld which saves the Earth for good.

Later that day, the two armies meet up inside Drakkon's palace and Trini tries to force a surrender in exchange for leniency but Scorpina refuses since she was the one supplying the soldiers who allowed for Rita's defeat. Trini then reminds her that they aren't her army which Scorpina rebuts since they were loyal only to Drakkon, not the Coinless and thus this was a means to an end for them in keeping Drakkon's empire secure. Zack tries to leave since all this arguing was just resulting in them spinning their wheels but Scorpina swears personal revenge until Bulk realizes that they needed a new common leader or they'd just tear the Earth apart in their never-ending war. Much to Kimberly's immense surprise, he suggests her as "the next Drakkon" and she tried to suggest he was joking only for the others to agree since the troops see her as Drakkon's successor and are loyal to her since she just won them a major victory. Scorpina is about to object but Finster-5 tells her it might be a good idea to have her as a placeholder of sorts until they could find a better idea. Kimberly tries to refuse it but Scorpina reminds her of her speech from earlier about the greater good and personal needs vs societal needs. However, she does say to Finster-5 that Kimberly needs to look more imperial and he has some ideas about that.

Sometime later, Kimberly was coronated as she says that they had survived an invasion by the dead and that, despite the fact that the Coinless and Ranger Sentries had different methods and allegiances, they both lost loved ones and they all had the goal of the common peace. She decides to forgive all past crimes committed and clean the proverbial slate. The Ranger Sentries now bow to her as she concludes the speech by saying that they had to fight to save the Earth together and that "today is a new beginning." The final page then shows Kimberly in the Ranger Slayer suit on Zedd's giant throne, wearing a Dragon Shield-esque chest plate and a headpiece.

After defeating The Anointed and would assist The Coinless in defeating Drakkon’s Army, that is now commanded by Scorpina. She would prove herself by successfully forming an alliance with Commander Scorpina to defeat a revived Rita Repulsa. After defeating Rita Repulsa, Kim would assume Lord Drakkon’s former role in a figurehead position. Kim’s first mission as leader would be to free all of the prisoners of Deadlock, including an unknown prison clad in armor who is eventually revealed to be Jason Lee Scott. After being ravaged by Eclipta after Jason retrieves the Power Coin and causing the Ranger Sentries to lose their powers, she gives up her own Power Coin so that the entire populace would obtain Morphin’ Grid powers to fight off Eclipta.

Video game appearances

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Kimberly, as the Ranger Slayer with her Evolution I, is a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars, is a Epic (Leader), Epic (Assist) character.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Ranger Slayer in Battle for the Grid

Ranger Slayer is one of the characters featured in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. She primarily uses her bow as well as arrows and futuristic-looking bombs when she is fighting.

Puzzle and Dragons

As part of the collaboration by Hasbro in a limited game event, Kimberly as Ranger Slayer and Gravezord was an unlockable character in Puzzle and Dragons.


  • 6 Turns ( 6 Turns at Lv.1 ),this card can be used as assist.

Leader Skill

  • Fire attribute cards HP x2, ATK x2, RCV x2.
  • All attribute cards ATK x4 when HP is greater than 80%. ATK x8 when HP is less than 79%.
  • With the gravezord all attribute cards ATK x3, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with 4+ Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark, Heart, Jammer, Poison, Mortal Poison or Bomb orbs at the same time.
  • Also,all attribute cards ATK x4.5, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Dark and Fire combos at the same time.


Kimberly remained the same as her prime counterpart, but her story became far more tragic upon losing her world’s Jason, Billy, and Matthew at the hands of Lord Drakkon. This leads her to decide to work alone for the sake of her friends. Due to being brainwashed with the evil energy in the Bow of Darkness implanted by Drakkon, Kimberly is turned as ruthless as Drakkon. However, the only known remaining good side left in her is sparing the past-present counterpart of Matthew, to make sure he will never die as his World of the Coinless counterpart did.

After her past-present-day counterpart manages to unleash an energy blast that breaks the Bow of Darkness and clears her of her connection to Drakkon's magic and manipulations, she is left shaken and furious at herself for what she did under his influence. She is not truly the monster she was made to be, feeling an immense sense of personal accountability for the things that she was forced to do under the mad ranger's control. 

Due to her world's ruined state, she has come to appreciate the small things in life. While spending time with her past alternate counterpart, Kimberly took time to remind her younger self to take time to appreciate life's small trivial pleasures, such as days at her favorite hangouts, the goofiness of her friends, and even high school, as such small things is what the larger battles are fought to protect: the chance to live one's life and not have to fight for it. 

Due to having been controlled and manipulated by Drakkon for so long and having lost so many people including Jason, Billy, Matt, and many others, Kimberly defected, explicitly stating her intent to kill Drakkon herself. Due to the subtle undertones of Drakkon's conversation with her prior to the revelation that she is free from him, it is implied that Kimberly was made to be in a relationship with him against her will. Given the depths of Drakkon's madness and depravity, it is quite likely that Kimberly was coerced by him in such a manner.

Ranger Powers

Ranger Costume

This is Kimberly's original Ranger form as given to her by Zordon through the Power Coin.



Even though she is using the same Power Coin as her original form, this form has taken on a new appearance.



  • Gravezord: A remains of the Power Rangers zords from the World of the Coinless
  • Solarix Morphin’ Energy Pterodactyl Zord: A remake of the original MMPR Pterodactyl Zord made completely of energy from the Solarix

Pink Solar Ranger


  • Energy Bow


Behind the Scenes

  • Kyle Higgins described the Ranger as someone we have seen before, but not in this way. The clue to her identity as Kimberly was actually set up and somewhat foreshadowed early in the comics during the Black Dragon Arc.
    • Four out of five Rangers of the Mighty Morphin team were either dead or de-powered in the World of the Coinless as seen in the story: Jason (later revealed to be still alive) and Billy were murdered by Lord Drakkon when he first got his fused powers, Zack and Trini had lost their Power Coins to Lord Drakkon but managed to survive as part of the resistance.
    • Up until the reveal at WonderCon 2018's Boom! Studios panel, readers assumed the Kimberly of the World of the Coinless was killed by Lord Drakkon due to the fact that the Ranger Sentries need the energy of specific Power Coins to be able to morph and her coin's powers were being used by the Pterodactyl Sentries. Adding to this ruse was the fact that Kimberly was never seen, except in flashbacks during "The Fall of the Power Rangers".


  • In Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid her voiced is played by Meghan Camarena.

Concept Art

  • Kimberly's Ranger Slayer suit was designed by Dan Mora.
  • Kimberly's Pink Solar Ranger suit was designed by Simone Di Meo.


Kimberly in her promotional artwork

  • Kimberly, as the Ranger Slayer, is a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.
  • She is one of the few Rangers named by the accents in her suit instead of the main color, like the Gold Ranger from Power Rangers Zeo.  
  • Kimberly, as the Ranger Slayer, is playable character in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. She also has her original MMPR Outfit as a secondary skin, which ironically both as flashback suit and worn by a different counterpart who shares a same character select slot.


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Annuals/Specials and Miniseries/Crossovers
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink
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Justice League/Power Rangers
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II
Issue 1
Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
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Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn
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Power Rangers Unlimited
Heir to Darkness - Edge of Darkness - Countdown to Ruin - The Death Ranger
Power Rangers Universe
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Pink Rangers
Kimberly Ann HartKatherine HillardCassie ChanKendrix MorganKaroneDana MitchellJen ScottsSyd DrewVida RoccaRose OrtizMia WatanabeEmma GoodallShelby WatkinsSarah ThompsonAmelia Jones
Kimberly Ann Hart/1995 movieKimberly Hart/2017 movieChloe AshfordDaniel O'Halloran

Secondary Rangers
Kimberly PuttyPuttyKristenMarie Claire le MondePink Shadow RangerRobo CassiePink Creep
Psycho PinkPink Cyborg RangerEvil Time Force PinkA-Squad PinkEvil Pink Mystic RangerEvil Pink Overdrive Ranger

Power Sets
Pink RangerZeo Ranger I PinkPink Turbo RangerPink Space RangerGalaxy PinkPink Lightspeed RangerTime Force PinkS.P.D. Pink RangerPink Mystic RangerPink Overdrive RangerPink Samurai RangerMegaforce PinkSuper Megaforce PinkDino Charge Pink RangerNinja Steel Pink - Dino Fury Pink Ranger
Pink Ranger (1995 movie)Pink Ranger (2017 movie)