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This article is about a/an evil Ranger in the Power Rangers comic sub-franchise by Boom! Studios.
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"I'm bringing our lord back to us."
―Ranger Slayer to Finster 5[src]

The Ranger Slayer is an evil Power Ranger version of Kimberly Ann Hart from the World of the Coinless that serves Lord Drakkon. She is also the pilot of the Gravezord.

Character History

The World of the Coinless and "The Fall of the Rangers"

The history of this version of Kimberly Hart falls in line with the main history of her mainworld counterpart, except where it turns into the start of the World of the Coinless. Kimberly fought with the Power Rangers against the rise of Rita Repulsa and Lord Drakkon, culminating in "The Fall of the Rangers" battle that saw the deaths of Jason Scott, Billy Cranston, and that world's version of Zordon. As a result of the battle, Lord Drakkon took the Tyrannosaurus, Sabertooth Tiger, and Mastodon Power Coins. Zack Jones and Trini Kwan would eventually escape and form the resistance movement the Coinless. For a while, Kimberly was on the side of the resistance too; helping Skull and others get to safety. At some unknown point, Drakkon took her Pterodactyl Power Coin, gave her the Bow of Darkness, and made her the Ranger Slayer. 

"Shattered Grid"

After Lord Drakkon's defeat during the Black Draggon arc of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, he was dragged back into the present day by accident; eventually getting captured and remanded to the care of Promethea and its CEO (and Red Ranger of the 1969 Power Rangers) Grace Sterling. Meanwhile, on Drakkon's world, the power structrues was under revolt as the Coinless were making strides and Scorpina and her loyalists were going rogue; a situation exacerbated by the arrival of the HyperForce Rangers. In desperation, Finster-5 gave the last shard of the Green Chaos Crystal to the Ranger Slayer with the hopes that she could use it and the Gravezord to track Lord Drakkon and bring him back. Unfortnately for her, she arrived at a point when the Rangers were still new and long before Tommy Oliver ever arrived in Angel Grove. Desperate, she tried to contact Finster-5, but failed. It was then that Rita Repulsa arrived and offered to charge the Gravezord for her. 


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Ranger Powers


Ranger Costume

This is Kimberly's original Ranger form as given to her by Zordon through the Power Coin.



Ranger Slayer



Behind the Scenes

  • Kyle Higgins described the Ranger as someone we have seen before, but not in this way. The clue to her identity as Kimberly was actually set up and somewhat foreshadowed early in the comics during the Black Dragon Arc. Four out of five Rangers of the Mighty Morphin team were either dead or de-powered in the World of the Coinless as seen in the story: Jason and Billy were murdered by Lord Drakkon when he first got his fused powers, Zack and Trini had lost their Power Coins to Lord Drakkon but managed to survive as part of the resistance. Up until the reveal at WonderCon 2018's Boom! Studios panel, readers assumed the Kimberly of the World of the Coinless was killed by Lord Drakkon due to the fact that the Ranger Sentries need the energy of specific Power Coins to be able to morph and her coin's powers were being used by the Pterodactyl Sentries. Adding to this ruse was the fact that Kimberly was never seen, except in flashbacks during "The Fall of the Power Rangers".


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