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"We have to hope that the Power's there. Zordon's life depends on it."
―Kimberly discussing hope to the Rangers.[src]

Kimberly Ann Hart is the Pink Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. An armored warrior, The Pink Ranger had the power of the Pterodactyl channeled through her Power Morpher and Power Coin.


When the Command Center was destroyed, the Rangers were forced to teleport to Phaedos in order to retrieve the Great Power with the last remaining power of the Command Center, to the dying Zordon's protests.


Once there, she and the other rangers meet Dulcea, who once learning of their mentor Zordon's plight, helps them tap into the power of the Ninjetti, where Kimberly learned that in her is an animal spirit waiting to be released - hers being the Crane. As Ninjetti, she and the rangers travel to the Monolith in order to retrieve the Great Power. Though waylaid by the Gatekeepers, Kimberly and the others manage to access the Monolith, which also bore the Crane symbol among its many creature emblems. It's here where Kimberly gained the power of the Crane Ninjazord. The Zords return the rangers' powers and Kimberly finds herself clad in her familiar ranger armor with the Crane's symbol now emblazoned on her chest.

Kimberly in the Crane Ninjazord

She returned to Angel Grove with the other Rangers to battle Ivan Ooze and emerged victorious. With her Ninjetti power, she, along with the other rangers managed to revive the dying Zordon, reconstruct his plasma tube and return the Command Center to a fully-functioning state.

Pink Ranger

Dino Charger

MMPR Pink Movie Dino Charger

As part of NYCC 2015, Bandai released an exclusive Dino Charge Mighty Morphin' Movie Charger set with each Dino Charger depicting four pictures.[1] In Mighty Morphin' Pink's case, it featured her Ranger form, the Pterodactyl Thunderwhip, the Crane NinjaZord, and the MMPR Movie title.

Differences with TV version

  • Kimberly's costume design bore the chest symbol, unlike the show, but much like the Power Rangers toyline figures and early promotional art. It also lacked a skirt.
  • Kim doesn't wear a pink shirt; instead she wears a white halter top and pink shorts.
  • Unlike her counterpart from the TV show, Kim has at least spoken one "big word" in a manner reminiscent of Billy from the show - "electromagnetic". It's when she says the line "Ivan's got me in some sort of electromagnetic deadlock. I can't break free!".
  • Her helmet is much more box-like and bulkier.

Behind the Scenes



  • Her Pterodactyl Thunderwhip may have been inspired by a weapon that she used shot with Zyu2 footage. It was originally called the 'Raptor Ribbon' according to early script drafts. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Bloom of Doom[2]
  • Like the TV series, Kimberly's costume design was based off of the Zyurangers, like the rest of the Rangers. Specifically, Kimberly's costume was based off of PteraRanger. The one difference is that Kimberly's costume in the TV series has a skirt while the movie version doesn't.
  • Her 'new' Crane powers and Zord were based from the Super Sentai Series Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. She's the only one who's new powers are that of a different color than her own.
  • In 2017, vinyl toy company The Loyal Subjects produced a series of Action Vinyls based on the 1995 film, with blind boxes containing either a figure, or a Zord with a corresponding minifigure.[3][4] Each vinyl toy also came with a corresponding profile card. For Kimberly's card, she is described "one of the core members" of the Power Rangers. The only other movie Ranger in this set described as a core member in the profile cards is Billy. Based on the limited info provided by the cards and the film, it could either be seen as saying Kimberly and Billy are important to the team, or implying that they were two of the original Power Rangers on the team (similar to the TV show).



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