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"Killmench, Hunter of Breeches!"
―Killmench introduces himself.[src]

Killmench (キルメンチ Kirumenchi) is one of the Players from Team Azald. His Blood Game is to steal the pants of delinquents.

Character History

Killmench was send by Azald to continue in the Blood Games. He stealed deliquents' pants or breeches. He was fight against Leo as enemies in combat of strength. After, in the rematch, Leo was injured by Jun using a electric gauntlet being gift by a fake Nobuo. He was gain advantage, but Killmench was defeat and summon to Moebas to attack to Zyuohgers. After, he and Moebas was defeat by Zyuoh Whale. And destroy by Zyuoh King Octopus.


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  • Medal Slot: Left Chest
  • Blood Game: Stealing delinquents' pants
  • Genre: Thug games


  • Butterfly suit Rod (チョーランボウ Chōranbō): Killmench's primary wood blade.

Powers and Abilities

  • Power Punch: A standard Melee Attack which Killmench uses his fists to knockout his enemies.
  • Drop Kick (ドロップキック Doroppukikku): A Standard Melee attack which Killmench drop kicks his enemies.
  • Perfect Regent (バッチリーゼント Bacchirīzento): A Mlelee attack in which Killmench's headbutts his foes with his hair.
  • Combo: I'll take it! (いただくぜ! Itadakuze!): A combo move in which Killmench steals his opponent's clothes to make them lose the will to fight.

Behind the Scenes




  • As with all Zyuohger enemies, Killmench bears a resemblance to past Sentai Villains. In this case: Killmench's design are similar to Kolshizer from Gingaman and Buroogen from GoGoFive.
  • He mirrors Cruiser in design, personality, and fate. While Cruiser looks like a respectable military official, Killmench looks like a disrespectful individual. But while Cruiser shows cowardice from any forms of intimidation, Killmench is more than willing to take on individuals who are clearly stronger than him. Also, while Cruiser was defeated by a larger combination after facing a smaller one, Killmench gets destroyed by a smaller combination after facing a larger one.


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