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Killer Boxer Boribaru (殺人ボクサー・ボリバル Satsujin Bokusā Boribaru) is a criminal boxer who attacked a building and set it on fire. Prior to his primary arrest, Boribaru had killed 500 people in hand-to-hand combat, for which he showed no remorse. He briefly fused with Spell-Master Pierre to become BoriPierre (ボリピエール Boripiēru) before being recaptured. Brought in by Riding TimeRobo Alpha, with additional power from the Victory Robo. Before being recaptured, the Rangers managed to expel/vaporize Pierre from his body. His name is a pun derived from "Bolivar," the currency unit of Venezuela.

Character History

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Killer Boxer Boribaru is a sociopathic, sadistic, merciless, monstrous, and murderous maniac with no remorse for all his wrongdoings. He is proud to be a criminal, and he shows it all too often.

Powers and Abilities


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