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""Damn you...DEKARANGERS!""
― Kight Reidlich's final words immediately before exploding forever.[src]

Kight Reidlich (カイト レイドリッヒ Kaito Reidorihhi) is the Commissioner of S.P.D. branch and main villain of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger: 10 YEARS AFTER.

Character History

Having secretly sold information to the Qurlian Space Mafia, Kight was forced to kill his business partners after mortally wounding Doggie Kruger and using his SP License's Mirage Dimension to make it appear that Doggie killed the Qurlian customers and their Clementian hostage Amata in cold blood. Reidlich kept Kruger heavily sedated and did everything in his power to cover up his criminal act before Amata's daughter Carrie, who witnessed the event appears to the SPD Earth Branch.

This prompts Kight to dispatch Assam Asimov and Mugi Grafton to "escort" her to the Prosecutor's Office on planet Gowashichoru, intending his underlings to bring her to him under cover of an ambush on route to either coerce her silence or kill her while deciding to have Doggie receive a lethal injection. But when he personally appears in the warehouse on another planet he arranged for their meeting, Kight learns that the "Carrie" before him was Banban Akaza in disguise while the real Carrie had made it to the Prosecutor's Office. This forces a furious Kight to equip his Neo-Hyper Muscle Gear to join his underlings in battling the reunited team of Dekarangers, where he fought against both Ban and Tetsu. Though Kight nearly defeats the Dekarangers after using his Muscle Gear's ability to convert Assam and Mugi into energy for a power boost, he is defeated by the Dekarangers and destroyed using a combination of the D-Bazooka with DekaBreak's Lightning Fist followed by DekaRed using the D-Sword Vega for the Impluse Vega Slash attack.


  • Master License
  • Neo-Alpha Muscle Gear

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