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"I’ll be the key to your success, because I’m part key, get it?"
―Keytron's first words upon being created.[src]

"Pwa. Metal bars don't faze me. Open sesame!"
―Keytron demonstrating his power on a large metal gated door which led into the parking area of Grid Battleforce headquarters.[src]

"I'm gonna make you pay!"
―Keytron after being knocked down by Devon and before being shot down by Commander Shaw as well as his final words before his death.[src]



Keytron is a key-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2.

Character History

Keytron was created from a key and padlock that Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy happened to find whilst skulking around outside of Grid Battleforce HQ of Coral Harbor. They ordered Keytron to destroy Grid Battleforce from the inside out (or at the very least do as much damage as he can) by using his powers to unlock any door. He breached the base through the parking entrance but encountered Ravi in the main parking area who had just arrived for work in his car. Ravi called for help and then attacked Keytron. The two fought, with Keytron quickly overpowering Ravi but was driven off by Nate and Steel. Keytron fled outside where he was cornered by the three Rangers Rangers. Zoey and Devon then drove in on Cruise in motorcycle mode, forcing Keytron to flee.

In the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle came up with a new plan to invade Grid Battleforce, using explosive paint to bring down the armored walls. He then disguised Keytron as a human painter named "Pierre" who would claim credit for a mural Ravi had secretly painted. Evox, posing as Mayor Daniels, travelled to Coral Harbor and convinced Commander Shaw to let "Pierre" paint a mural on one of Grid Battleforce's walls. Before "Pierre" could get to work, however, Ravi stepped forward and confessed to his mother that he was the one who painted the mural.

Exposed as a fraud, Pierre and his assistants (Tronics in disguise) threw the explosive paint at the Rangers, who managed to get out of the way just in time. Pierre transformed back into Keytron, while the assistants revealed themselves as Tronics. Commander Shaw and Mayor Daniels left the scene, leaving the Rangers to battle Keytron and the Tronics. Using an energy blast from his key arm, Keytron was able to lock the Transpods on the Ranger's shoulders which prevented them from summoning any weapons. Devon tried to transport the Beast-X Ultra Blaster but failed and Nate explained that Keytron had "locked the programming." Even without their weapons, the Rangers took them on with Devon fighting and managing to overpower Keytron. In spite of being overpowered, Keytron tried to take down Devon but was shot down by Commander Shaw using a Beast-X Blaster. She then threw Devon the Beast-X Ultra Blaster and Keytron was finished off by the Beast-X Ultra Blaster's Beast-X Ultra Blast. Artist Anonymous

Keytron, Spiketron, Antennatron, and Slicertron were all recreated by the Venjix Virus (Evox's true identity) to fight the Rangers in Sub Level 1 of Grid Battleforce HQ. They took on the Rangers, Keytron fighting Devon, before being destroyed offscreen by Ravi and Zoey using the Beast-X Slash. Source Code


Keytron, unsurprisingly, is a monster that makes a lot of key and lock based puns. He is also confident in his abilities as he is able to open metal doors with ease and tried to take on Devon even after being knocked down hard.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Keytron was able to overpower Ravi and his super strength and knocked a large barrel out of Devon's hand with one swing.
  • Durability: Keytron took the full force of a Beast-X Blast right to his chest but was only knocked over. This occured when Commander Shaw arrived with the weapons.
  • Teleportation-By crossing his arms in front of his chest, Keytron can teleport away in a swirl of dark purple energy.
  • Lock Beam: Keytron can project a beam from his forehead that can generate a massive lock of white energy in any door or surface.
  • Human Disguise: He has the ability to disguise himself as a human to infiltrate Grid Battleforce thanks to a Morph-X injection from Scrozzle.


  • Key Arm: Keytron has a large key for a right arm that he can smack his enemies with.
    • Unlocking: Keytron can unlock any door using his key arm, after he has used his unlocking beam, by sticking his arm in it and turning it. This even extends to an iron barred gate.
      • Locking: Alternatively, Keytron can swirl his arm around in the air to charge it up with red energy, generate a symbol in the air, and fire forth small tendrils of red energy which he used to lock the Transporters.
  • Explosive Paint: Keytron was given special paints that explode upon contact by Scrozzle.

Behind the Scenes



  • Keytron is the only Robotron to be fought by Commander Shaw directly even if this was merely one attack and from a distance.
  • Keytron is the second Robotron to disable the Rangers' ability to summon weapons, with Tooltron being the first when he dismantled their weapons and then disabled the Transporters.
  • Keytron is also the second Robotron to have a human disguise, the first being Clonetron.
  • Keytron is the first Robotron to be shown teleporting without the aid of Blaze, Roxy, or Scrozzle.

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