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"Ah ha! Ha ha ha ha! It would be good if it were locked up! Lock complete!"
―Keyloid's first words when locking the building for KeyZord to destroy.[src]

"It'd be good..."
―Keyloid's often repeated catchphrase.[src]

"The key! The locks are undone! Be good and wait! I will lock you up again-"
―Keyloid after Masato Jin destroyed his key arm.[src]

"It'd be good...if I ended!"
―Keyloid's final words before his death.[src]

Keyloid (キーロイド, Kīroido) was a key-themed Metaloid.


Keyloid is created by Escape shortly after she comes to Earth for the first time. Taking some keys out of a car ignition, she uses the "close" Metavirus to create Keyloid who is told to imprison people in a building for the KeyZord to destroy in order to pacify Messiah. By hitting something with a beam emitted from his forehead, the Keyloid can use the key on his right arm to make things inoperable, from making a building's doors refusing to open to jamming an Ichigan Buster. However, Keyloid's greatest tool is also his greatest weakness, as shattering the key will undo all progress Keyloid has done as happens when Masato Jin arrives and destroys his key arm with his Morphin Blaster after a brief fight with Ryuji. After the Busters free the people from a squad of Buglars that try to keep everyone inside the building so the Keyloid can lock down the building again, Escape sends Keyloid (in the process of welding his key arm back on) with the Buglars to stop the people from escaping the building before the KeyZord can arrive. However, it is in vain and Keyloid is destroyed by both Masato's Morphin Blaster and Ryuji's Ichigan Buster Special Buster Mode.


Keyloid was obsessed with locks and containment and often repeated "it'd be good" in his sentences as a variation on Escape's catchphrase.

Powers and Abilities


  • Lock Beam: Keyloid's primary ability where he projected a beam from his forehead to generate a massive lock of white energy in any door or surface.
    • Welding: Keyloid's Lock Beam was also able to re-weld his severed key arm back onto his stump. However, Escape stopped him before he could finish.


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  • Destroyed Key: Keyloid's powers were undone and everything unlocked when his key was destroyed.


  • Key Arm: Keyloid had a large key for a right arm that he could smack his enemies with.
      • Locking:  Keyloid could swirl his arm around in the air to charge it up with red energy, generate a symbol in the air, and fire forth small tendrils of red energy to lock objects.


  • Identification Number: O-69
    • Label Location: Lower Left Leg
  • Install Metavirus: TOJIRU
    • Label Location: Lower Right Leg
  • Production Motif: Car keys

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