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"Oh ho ho ho ho hu hu! Lord Zedd has given me such an important assignment. Gatekeeper of the Dark Dimension. But I have to make sure it stays locked up. Let’s see, which key is it? Phooie. I'll use the master key. Once I turn this, nobody will be able to escape."
―The Key Monster's only line.[src]

The Key Monster was a key themed monster who very briefly appeared in the episode "Zedd's Monster Mash."

Character History

On Halloween, Lord Zedd was very happy to see a holiday that he could enjoy and asked Goldar for advice who suggested pulling a Frankenstein Monster-esque move by infiltrating the party with a monster. Zedd was less than impressed as he thought that they could have thier own "party" and decided that it would be a good time to take out Tommy and leave the Power Rangers so weak that a monster on the same power level as Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel could destroy them. Using some Putties disguised as children in Power Ranger uniforms, Goldar sent Tommy to the Haunted Forest at which point the Key Monster came into play. His job was to seal the Haunted Forest and prevent entry and exit from it and stop Tommy from leaving or help from entering. The Key Monster skipped through multiple keys, trying to find the correct key to lock the dimension but discarded them in favour of a master key. He locked that door to the dimension with the master key just as Tommy arrived. It is unknown what happened to the Key Monster after the Rangers escaped the Dark Dimension since he was never shown to be destroyed. Since Zedd was later purified, the Key Monster possibly met the same fate but not necessarily since he doesn't exist in our universe. It's most likely that he still guards the realm between dimensions to this day and never came back to threaten the Power Rangers simply because that wasn't his job.


The Key Monster was a calm and patient guardian who faithfully served Zedd and guarded the Haunted Forest which made him much different than other monsters. However, he seemed very harmless if dedicated to his job so may not even have been evil and instead just blackmailed or forced to obey Lord Zedd through threat of destruction.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Master Key: The Key Monster used a magical key to open and close the door to the Haunted Forest.

Behind the Scenes


  • The Key Monster was voiced by Mike Reynolds in what was actually his first speaking role in the franchise.


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  • The Key Monster is never actually named or even addressed by any other villain in the episode. His name is strictly fan-based from his design.
  • Although derived from Dairanger and some footage was used, they could not use any footage beyond what was used here. Key Jester spent a lot of time around Japanese people and even his death involved being in the Dairanger dimension that they usually sent the monsters they used their illusions on at human size.
    • ZMM007.JPG
      In fact, the sequence of him locking a door was actually an explosive trick by Shishi Ranger to exploit his instinctive desires to open and lock doors. It just cuts out the part of him exploding.


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