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"I'll use the master key."
―Key Monster[src]

Key Monster is a key themed monster. He was the guardian of the Dark Dimension and served Lord Zedd. He appeared in the episode "Zedd's Monster Mash" but never fought or directly interacted with the Rangers.


Key Monster was the guardian of the Dark Dimension and served Zedd. Zedd ordered the Key Monster to lock up the dimension after the Rangers will be trapped there by Doomstone. First Key Monster trapped there Tommy who was tricked by Goldar and a bunch of Z-Putties, disguised as children in Rangers costumes. Then Doomstone trapped there other Rangers and Key Monster shut the door to make them not escape from it. It is unknown what happened to Key Monster after the Rangers escaped the Dark Dimension. He was never shown to be destroyed or was fighting the Rangers. Zedd's Monster Mash


Key monster was calm and patient guardian who faithfully served Zedd and guarded the Dark Dimension. He is much more different than other monsters. Possibly he isn't evil or malevolent and just did his work.

Powers And Abilities


  • Key: Key Monster uses a magical key to open and close the door to the Dark Dimension.

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