The Clave is a mystic article of great power, but of unknown origin, that was in possession of The Gerrero. The key is shaped like a four-pointed star with a green circular gem in the center, in its inactive form it separates in half, when these halves are united activate the mode "Red Armored Ranger" the Battlizers of the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

As already mentioned the key belonged originally to a warrior from an unknown planet that had a fight against Karone / Astronema because she wanted to know if it was as strong as its levels were similar the warrior tried to activate the Artifact but "Astronema" was more Fast and achieve to pretify leaving it alone.

Years later Reformed Karone tells her new team that she can be of help in the battle and accompanied by Leo Corbett the Red Renger, who at that time had lost his powers, after passing a difficult test prove to be worthy of such power and you are given the key.

At the end of the series Leo destroys the keys to defeat (without achieving it totally), to Trakeena in its final form.


This artifact along with Zord Stratoforce Megazord and Centaurus Megazord were destroyed towards this trait is very similar to his brother Mike Corbett, who lost the powers of Magna Defender and Torozord.
The Warrior hands the Key to Leo

The Warrior hands the Key to Leo

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