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""What a splended kettei!Bang gang bang kettei ban!""
―Kettei Banki's final words before his destruction.[src]

Kettei Banki (ケッテイバンキ Kettei Banki): A Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kegalesia and Kitaneidas. It was modeled after all of the Barbaric Machine Beasts that came before him, therefore able to use all their attacks. ' He is scrapped by the combined finishing attacks of Engine-Oh, Kyoretsu-Oh, and Seiku-Oh.

This is the final monster to appear in Go-Onger.


concept art

Weapons Armament

  • Blade Sword (Finisher: Blade Slash)
  • Mega Blaster (Finisher: Blue Buster)
  • Fury Chainsaw (Finisher: Saw Slicer)
  • Zoom Laser (Finisher: GP Luster)
  • Cut Axe (Finisher: Cutting Slashes)
  • Fire Gun (Finisher: Gun Lock-On Fire)

Combination Weapons

  • Sword Blaster (Finisher: Slashing Blast)
  • Chainsaw Axe (Finisher: Slice Cutter)
  • Laser Gun (Finisher: Lock-On Laser Fire)


Special Weapons

  • Rolf (Finisher: Slash Striker)
  • Renten (Finisher: Nirvash Vanish)
  • Eureka (Finisher: Nirvash Vanish)
  • Haji (Finisher: GP Finish Slash)
  • Saya (Finisher: Chiropteran Slash)
  • Horonderthal (Finisher: Dinosaur Explosion)
  • Animal Path (Finisher: Beasts Blast)
  • Yoshjiro (Finisher: Saber Finish)
  • Mirin (Finisher: Dual Blaster)
  • Reika (Finisher: GP Finishing Attack)H
  • Akina (Finisher: Blade Buster)

Notes and Trivia

  • Kettei means 'definitive' in Japanese.
  • Kettei Banki's unique motif is monster.
    • Kettei Banki's design is somewhat resembles to Long Banki, albeit with one dragon head.

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