This article is about a/an Toxic Mutant in Power Rangers Megaforce.

Kesaran is a cotton-themed leech-like Toxic Mutant that assisted Distractor and Vrak.

Character History

He was one of the phantom creatures summoned by Distractor alongside HisserPsychotick, Mummy, Gremlin and Skyfish. He first appeared as an illusion, but was later made real by Vrak powering up Distractor with the Wild Sword. He was destroyed along with the other monsters by the Ranger's Ultra Power Dynamic Strike.Ultra Power

Powers and Abilities

  • Hand-To-Hand Combat: Despite his appearance, Kesaran is surprisingly a skilled fighter, being able deflect the shots from the Blue Ranger's Shark Bow Gun.


  • Knife Blade: Kesaran is armed with a knife shaped blade for combat.


  • Keseran's voice sounds exactly like Octoroo's. This is because Jeff Szusterman provides his voice.
  • The name comes from Kesaran-Pasaran, obscure Japanese Yokai that that resemble white fluffy balls.

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