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Kerry Dixon was a competitor at Coral Harbor's E-Sport Championship tournament. She later helped the Beast Morphers Rangers defeat their clones.

Character History

At Riptide Gym, Devon is competing at the Coral Harbor's E-Sport Championship tournament. The game controllers use a combination of Augmented Reality and hard light hologram tech to project life-size avatars of the characters to life, even touch things. Seeing the fight in action gives Evox an idea, he excuses himself to make a call. During the fight, Devon's opponent Kerry somehow makes his character freeze up. Just as she's about to finish off Devon, Robo Roxy and Robo Blaze show up unannounced. As the crowd flees, the robot avatars steal Kerry system. The Rangers morph and fend off the arrived Tronics. Kerry and her crutch bound brother Louie escape outside and see Roxy and Blaze turn her controller into Gamertron. The Rangers arrive to fight, only for Gamertron to create copies of the original three Beast Morpher Rangers. However, the copies are too powerful and the Rangers end up losing to the copies. Back at Grid Battleforce, the rangers are discussing how to beat the copies, when Kerry arrives. Morphing to hide their identities, Kerry reveals a bug in Extreme Brawler 3 she discovered: when a character is hit with a precise combination of strikes, it will freeze up. Devon realizes that was what happened, and that Kerry was cheating. Kerry apologized, revealing that she did so to win the prize money to pay for Louie's operation. Sometime later, Devon and Kerry finish their match, with Kerry opting not to use the bug, leading to Devon's win. Honored by this, Devon gives her the prize money.



  • Kerry Dixon is portrayed by Molly Leishman.

Behind the Scenes


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