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Kentateloid (ケンタテロイド, Kentateroido) is a Messiah Metaloid that is created when Messiah Card 09 infects a katana and Messiah Card 12 infects a knight's shield within an antique warehouse. Originally, they were to develop into the male samurai-like Kenloid (ケンロイド, Kenroido) and female knight-like Tateloid (タテロイド, Tateroido), but Enter mashed the Messiah Metaloids together into one body.

Combining the halves' abilities, Kentateloid is given the task to absorb data based on human rage with the Go-Busters ideal victims. Though Red Buster subdues his rage to destroy Kentateloid with the Lio Blaster Final Buster Mode, the two Messiah Cards survive with Escape using them to enhance Megazord Zeta.


  • Kentateloid is the first Messiah Metaloid created by more than one Card and two Megazord counterparts.


  • Messiah Card: 09 and 12
  • Production Motif: Katana and Shield
  • Height: 203 cm
  • Weight: 279 kg

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