This article is about a/an ally in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

Kenta Sawai (沢井健太 Sawai Kenta) is a karate dojo owner. Asked by Ryuji Iwasaki (Blue Buster) if he had seen the Messiah Card, he denied it despite being in the area. Messiah Card 03 infects his karate fist guards which gives him super-enhanced strength. He beats up his classmates and teacher with no will of his own control.

He finally tells Ryuji that he did see the card and made the call to Energy Management Center. As Ryuji tries to help remove the karate fists from Kenta, enough data that was collected during Kenta's fights turns the karate fist guards into Karateloid. The Metaloid is destroyed by Powered Custom Blue Buster and Raioh Buster.

After KarateZord is destroyed by Go-Buster Ace, Kenta tells his father he wants to become a engineer like Ryuji.


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