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"Battle Cossack!"
―Battle Cossack's roll call[src]
"Next time... they will die."
―Kensaku's final words before his tragic death[src]

Kensaku Shiraishi (白石 謙作 Shiraishi Kensaku) was the original Battle Cossack (バトルコサック初代 Batoru Kosakku Shodai) of Battle Fever J before his tragic death. He was the original second-in-command until his death and Makoto Jin took his place while Kyousuke Shida became the new second-in-command.


Kensaku Shiraishi was born and raised in Central Asia, where he learned how to hunt birds with a slingshot. After being orphaned, the young Kensaku was found and raised by General Kurama Tetsuzan. Ep. 7: The House Burns!! He was once saved by a priest who was taking care of his orphanage and died to protect them from criminals. Since then, Kensaku had always felt a need to protect those weaker than himself. Ep. 33: Cossack Dies for Love

His main weapons were twin sais. He was the original second in command into the team. He was good at science as well as war. His hobbies included playing Pachinko, doing a classic Cossack dance, and he enjoyed eating caviar.


Kensaku dies surrounded by his teammates and friends including Mayumi and Makoto Jin.

Kensaku left Big Baser without his Battle Cossack suit to spend time with Mayumi, the daughter of his mentor, a researcher with the Defense Department. The Cutmen kidnapped Mayumi while Kensaku left to get shaved ice for them. Cornered and without his uniform, Kensaku dodged fire and got Mayumi away, but he was still held at gunpoint. Bravely, he went on a suicide run of attack and was repeatedly shot. His friend Makoto Jin came to rescue. Kensaku's Battle Suit was brought to him, but it was too late. He died surrounded by his team and Mayumi.

Makoto took Kensaku's uniform for himself and replaced him on the team and to avenge his friend's death. Ep. 33: Cossack Dies for Love


Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O

Battle Cossack as depicted in Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O.

  • Profile:
Kensaku Shiraishi/Makoto Jin/Battle Cossack: His combat is fighting using a Cossack Dance that is made up of Cossack movements. Uses a sai, a sword-like weapon split into three prongs.


Super Sentai Legend Wars

Battle Cossack is among the vast pantheon of Rangers who feature in The mobile game

Super Sentai Legend Wars.

Battle Cossack

Battle Fever costume





Battle Cossack wears an orange suit with a black stripe that runs along the side around his arms and legs. His gloves and boots are both orange in color accentuated with a white scarf. He wears a black belt with a metal buckle and the letter "C" on it, which stands for "Cossack". A shield on his chest possesses the "Hammer and Sickle" adopted by the Soviets for their flag (symbolizing the unity of the peasants and workers), representing the number "2". His mask is three piece: the top is an orange headress with black stripes, beneath is a black mask with two red "eyes" which are similar in form to the masks of Gorenger and J.A.K.Q. Beneath the mask is a rounded triangle in gray with a sculpted nose and mouth.

Behind the scenes


Kensaku Shiraishi is portrayed by Yukio Itou, who previously portrayed Kenji Asuka (Midorenger) on Himitsu Sentai Gorenger. As Battle Cossack, his suit actors were Hiroshi Atsumi and Hirohumi Koga.


  • If only considering visual facts instead of official ranger name, Kensaku Shiraishi was the first Sentai Orange Ranger, as well as the only one in place of the team's Yellow Ranger.
  • He was written off the script because actor Yukio Ito had just been married and wanted to spend more time with his bride.
  • Kensaku shares his surname with Mako Shiraishi (Shinken Pink) of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.


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