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Kenji Inui is the head of the Capital City Fire Department, the fire department where three of the Tatsumi siblings are employed.

Character History

Inui is the patriarch of the Inui clan, one of two clans who protected and served the city for hundreds of years and rivals to the Tatsumi. In modern times, three of the Tatsumi children work for Inui due to his association with the department he leads: eldest Matoi working for the fire squadron, second Nagare for the chemical squadron and middle child Shou for the helicopter division. He likewise has a wife and his daughter, Tsugumi, who he likewise teaches his philosophies of heroism to.

As the superior to three of the Tatsumi children, he becomes shocked when he discovers all of them resigning from their post with the return of their father (and his lifelong rival), Mondo, and their recruitment into his GoGoFive project. When the team chooses to protect the populace from the attack of a Psyma Beast instead of fighting against the team, he orders Mondo to shut down the GoGoFive project out of the risk of them using his technology instead of following the proper procedure. When the Tatsumi children continue to protect regardless of the Psyma attack, Inui comes around and gives support to Mondo's projects.Ep. 8: Rescue Sentai Activity Suspended


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